River Island Sales’

Starting 2017 I have a really positive energy and feeling about this new year – so many events to look forward to this year and so many exciting posts to come.

I have brought loads of new items over the Christmas break which I will blog about shortly – but to kick this new year off I have purchased a few items from River Island sale. This year their sale seems to be amazing and I have found some great buys.

My first purchase I brought just after Christmas as I needed some heels I could wear out and actually last in them. I always find it very difficult to wear quite high heels out as they kill at the end and as I’m quite short I love wearing really high heels. I tried looking through loads of different website for some shoes which were nice and the correct length. I came across these Dark Green Rocker Stud Block Heel Sandals which I am in love with & they were in the sale for only £20.00 which is even better!!

I wore these out the other night and they are ridiculously comfy. I even wore these to work as they are a balance of dressy and casual.
They do these shoes in a mustard colour as well which are divine; however at the moment both colours have completely sold out online.

Click here to view River Island online sale.
My next purchase I brought was a bag from River Island. I really needed a new bag which I can take everywhere with me as my old Topshop bag was so worn out. This bag was the last one in Stafford River Island store when I got it, I had to get it as I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It goes with my winter coat as well which is a bonus.20170215_194421
My favourite part of this bag is all the different textures and fabrics to it – its contain fur, leather and suede all in one. The bags come with two different straps which allows me to wear it in different styles; either as a classical handbag or hanging it over one shoulder. I tend to mix and match it and wear it differently to a way that suits my outfit of the day. The inside of the bag is a good size, I can easily fit all my college books and folders in. The fact it is black is very pleasing, as black pretty much goes with anything so I don’t need to worry about what to wear with it.

This bag was in the sale when I brought it, I can’t remember how much it exactly was. River Island do an amazing selection of bags in all different colours and fabric. I would recommend buying bags and purses from River Island or Topshop.
Click here to view River Island Bags and Purses
Click here to view Topshop Bags and Purses
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