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It’s that time of the year again – the most fabulous time, when fashion week begins in the fashion capitals of the world. Fall, Ready To Wear. Kicking it off is New York Fashion Week scheduled 9th February  – 15th February. From watching the collections appeared online and from Vogue Runway I have watched all the collections through events/shows/presentations. I noticed quite a few different trends within NYFW – Street Style was quite a big element which has been combined into the garments, on the other side of the catwalk tailored garments made quite an appearance. Coats were also very significant for NYFW, oversized tailored coats featured a lot in Marc Jacobs Fall, Ready – To – Wear collection which is divine. From New York Fashion Week I have picked  four collections which really shined the catwalk for me which was inspiring.

Marc Jacobs

These are shots from Marc Jacobs Fall, Ready – To – Wear collection from NYFW. Marc Jacobs himself mentioned his inspiration for this collection is purely based on a documentary called ‘Hip-Hop Evaluation.’ From these images you can clearly tell the catwalk set is very plain, no background and the models look very normal and pristine. This collection is emerged by Street Style Youth – the clean oversized coats really define the idea of Street Wear. This collection is actually one of my favourite catwalk moments, the clothes, the models and the setting all come down to the fact that fashion can really speak for itself.

Assembly New York

This collection is insane – you can significantly tell this is inspired by street style. The setting of this presentation really uplifts the idea of the street style theme – the setting appears to be old & dirty displaying stains on the sofa and the wall. The model is stripped back too, very natural hair / natural makeup. The colour palette of this collection is inspiring – black and red always looks distinctive together. The collection seems to be baggy and slick.


Tailoring has been a huge part of New York Fashion Week, Fall Ready – To – Wear. This collection has been inspired by clean cut tailoring which creates a smart distinctive look. These tailored suits are all styled the same, the colours are very dull and delicate which creates a much more sensitive and diverse atmosphere. The models look very slick and clean cut – the setting is very plain which portrays the voice of the garment.

Victor Alfaro

This collection was hosted in a scene showroom as the designer doesn’t like to speak about the clothing as he is knows his clothes speak for themselves – which is honest. His clothes are very distinctive and have their own identity – he wanted to portray the message that ‘wardrobe can be worn by anyone and everyone’ he shows this by creating genderless clothing. The buzz words on his garments really defines this message.


These are only a few collection that inspire me along with so many more – click here to get all information on New York Fashion Week 2017.

New blog post about London Fashion Week coming very soon!!



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