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Emerging with style was London Fashion Week hosted 16th February to 21st February. I have been following the collection of LFW through articles and from Vogue runway, the collections have been so elegant and quirky, truly inspiring. There have been such a range of different colours/textures/styles. As London Fashion Week comes to an end its time to look back on the fabulous week of shows/events/presentations/digitals. Details were an essential elements this fall, Faux Fur/Fur detailed coats made an appearance in Whistles collection. LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS and Bright colours were a HUGE element of Topshop Unique which blew the audience away. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this!! I have chosen four collections of LFW which really caught my eye.


Whistles coats really inspired me.Β Each of these coats (shown above) are all very different within their colours palettes – they have really used different textures to make their coats look more exciting. Their collection in LFW really shows how well they have pin pointed current trends. These jackets are really in the middle of comfortable wear but portray a very formal atmosphere at the same time. Again, attention to detail is everything with these jackets especially the different textures and fabrics on picture one and two. The setting for these garments is very plain which makes the garments really stand out from the delicate painted wall. The outfits are very well styled and match the current trends without a doubt.

House of Holland

This collection was incredible, seeing live feed from this collection was intense – the clothes really talk for themselves. Bright colours and patterns were true inspiration for this collection. Henry Holland the designer described his LFW collection was a love letter truly to the nation. Western dresses, fitted knits and hipster hoodies were huge elements of this collection.

Palmer / Harding

Palmer / Harding have always been inspirational designers to me. Their collection was really over and above anything they have produced, each catwalk garment is very significant to itself and truly explores each story of the clothing. Β Levi Palmer which is one of the two designers explored his Texas past, this inspired their collection. All the details and fastening on their garments make this collection very individual. This collection is definitely all about layers, everything in their collection seems to be layered clothing or wrapped. I am obsessed with this look.


In my opinion Burberry really showed the Britishisms in their garments. The colour palette seem to be very plain containing Whites, Nudes, Blacks and Greys. Throughout the menswear and womenswear each garment is very individual and tells its own story through the textures and fabrics used. Oversized seems to be a huge trend this season and last, I identify this through Burberry ready to wear fall 2017 collection. I find this connection very extravagant and flattering.

These are only a few collections that really inspire me along with many more. – Click here to get all information on London fashion week fall 2017.

New blog post about Milan fashion week coming very soon!!

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