Makeup Bag Essentials

Whenever I leave the house I always take a makeup bag or makeup products with me, these products always make me feel refreshed or just to top up my makeup. Most of them are all travelled size so they fit perfectly in my makeup bag. All products are listed below.







MAC 48 Lash eyelashes with Duo glue. These eyelashes are my favourite, they are fiercely wispy & have a dramatic length. I always carry a spare pair of eyelashes around with me when I wear them. These eyelashes give the best finishing touch to my makeup.

Alongside this I attach these to my eye using Duo glue which is amazing, always keeps my eyelashes on for all period of time, the very small tubes are perfect to carry around and use to top up if needed.

ALWAYS carry around top up lipstick / lip-gloss when wearing it. I don’t really tend to wear it much but when I do I only use certain ones. However when I don’t wear it, which is pretty much all the time – I always wear clear lip gloss! In fact, I wear NYX Clear Mega Shine Gloss , this product is incredible the lip gloss stays on for ages and the shine is unreal. The size makes it very easy to carry around in my makeup bag.

One of my favourite liquid lipsticks I love to wear is my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the colour Patina. This definitely does stay on all day and its amazing. When you apply the lipstick it instantly turns to a matted state – which looks so good. This lipstick even stay on through eating and drinking throughout the day. It takes a while to remove it – nevertheless, the result is worth it.

Sometimes I tend to wear my Too Faced lipstick which is called ‘La Crème’. This is basically melted lipstick which is very good, I love it.

Mascara is a HUGE element of my make up essential. I always use the No7 Velvet Lash as this is one of the best mascaras I have yet to try. The brush makes my lashes look amazing. Really easy to fit in my makeup bag as well.

No7 Eye Makeup Remover I always carry round a travel size version and cotton wool pads just in case I want to take my make up off. I love this product is very oily but wipes my makeup of very easy. It is definitely refreshing. Easy to carry around with me too.

I tend to take a small eyeshadow palette with me depending on what I’m wearing. In my makeup bag at the moment is my L’Oréal Palette in the colour Riche Quad. I love this eyeshadow palette its so natural and so easy to use.

CONCEALER, CONCEALER, CONCEALER. This is defiantly a must, I always take concealer round with me just in case my makeup rubs of at all. I use the Maybelline Cover Stick Thick Concealer, for the best coverage. I would definitely recommend this.

This is everything I love to carry in my makeup bag, however I always carry around a few makeup brushes and always hair bobbles and grips. That’s part of a girls must haves.

What’s in your makeup bag? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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