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Spending my Tuesday reminiscing on 2016 and showing my excitement for my new adventures this year. Recapping from 2016 it truly was a whirlwind of a year. I visited New York City which was a fabulous and over whelming experience, I turned the big 18!, started a new job and loads more. 2016 was a brilliant year I made so many memories and met many new people. I became more confident in many ways, for starters I created this blog just over a year ago looking back on my old blog posts really makes me cringe but it shows how much my blog has grown in the past year. After starting a new job in retail it came to my attention I had a lot more material to blog about and working in a shop which is surrounded by fashion trends and best sellers, made my love for fashion even more thrilling and exciting. My new job and growing my blog / social contacts have really boosted my confidence. Having a blog has really given me a chance to express my thoughts and feelings about fashion and my lifestyle – to be able to share with you parts of my life which I can express through this blog in many ways I never thought I could. Throughout the last year I have had people follow my blog and social media – I appreciate that. 2016 was the year I started this magical journey with my blog and I couldn’t be happier.


I have a lot of exciting events and obstacles coming my way this year – I am so excited. I have set 3 personal goals this year all about my blog which I will note below shortly. I kicked into 2017 with passing my driving test first time which I am so happy and proud about. However, I have been house bound for the last 4 weeks and still ongoing with a knee injury which isn’t greatest feeling – but on the positive side I have had all this spare time on my hands to concentrate on my blog. From November to February my blog went down, it was purely for the Christmas period but then I lost my motivation to post – so having these few weeks to myself I have been so able to be dedicated to my blog and really improve it. To improve my blog I have completely changed blogging platforms / started again – I’ve gone from using BlogSpot to WordPress. My old blog is still called Chelsey Ocean , my old material isn’t as strong as my new ones. This is normal as my blog is growing. After getting my motivation back I have become to realise how much I love blogging and I couldn’t stop now – it’s a part of me.




I have so many exiting dates coming up this year, around Easter time I am going to Centre Parcs which doesn’t sound very advertising but I go EVERY year as I love it. It’s such a good place to go for a break away and it takes some pretty good pictures as well. I am attending Parklife Festival in the summer, I am so excited for this but I think I am actually way more excited to go festival clothes shopping, who wouldn’t be? Be expecting a blog post about my festival attire nearer the time. I will be going to Gran Canaria for my summer holiday – I am most excited about this literally craving sun, sea and cocktails so much. Of course, holiday shopping spree? 100% – the best part about holidays. In September not only do I turn 19 but I will be opening a new chapter in my life… going to university. Wow, this time last year I was SO adamant I didn’t want to go to university but now I’m following my dream career I couldn’t be more excited! I am actually going to be to Nottingham Trent University studying Fashion Marketing and Branding – this a huge deal for me moving away from home but its going t0 happen one day, so why not make that change soon?! I am hoping to be going New York City again, in December or next year. A lot of my friends are turning 18 as well this year so even more excuse to celebrate. I have so much happening this year, this isn’t even half of it. These are just highlights – including finishing college woo!! So as I previously mention I have made 3 goals for 2017 for me and my blog. These are listed below.

Grow and Improve My Blog

This is a huge goal for me, as believe it or not blogging is very hard work to keep up with blog posts and communicating with other bloggers – nevertheless I LOVE it! There are many ways I can improve my blog and reach out to an bigger audience. One of the biggest elements of improving my blog and especially my Instagram is knowing how to take quality photos to make my blog look the best it’s ever been. There are so many tick lists to this including; Lighting, Theme, Composition, Quality, Background and many more. It’s so important to make your blog look consistent, which I really struggled with at first and I’m just about finding my feet now. I am always writing posts which are improving and being more consistent each time, I do this by learning from other inspiring bloggers. I always contact other bloggers on their opinion and how they go about making their blog look so damn good. I think for me the best way I go about growing my blog is when posting and taking pictures to try be different and thinking out the box.

Buy A Camera

It sounds so stupid, but I have never actually owned a camera, is that bad? I have just recently brought my own laptop, this has really improved my blogging status. My goal is before I head of to university or preferably before summer to own a decent camera, this will definitely improve my quality of my pictures.

However, finance is a big subject to think about, check out this Free Personal Finance Software Page to help you get organised. 

Be Spontaneous

This year I really want to be spontaneous with trips and my posts. This year I want to go on loads of day trips exploring different cities which I can blog about. I already have a few trips planned but really want to book more, possibly Italy? that sounds good. I want to write more posts that people can relate to or even advice posts. I want to experiment with cooking and blog about my recipes. Sometime this a year I might create a YouTube channel to go with my blog where I can display fashion haul and show your my recent purchases.

It is such a nice feeling to capture my memories in the last few years. I have been so lucky with the memories I have made. What are your plans for this year? Drop me a message below I would love to hear about what you have planned in 2017.


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  1. Love this!! Sounds like you had such an eventful 2016. Here’s to 2017 – can’t wait to see what’s to come on your blog✨

    Sarah |

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