First of all I just wanted to start this post by saying;


Today is the day all women celebrate their achievements in life – really take a step back to release everything you have earned with a purpose. I have made wonderful achievements in my life so far which I’m so proud of and happy about.  

I’ve always been a huge believer in fighting for what you want. There are certain rules in life you need to abide by to achieve your goals. I’ve always been someone that really focuses on achieving my goals and pushing myself further. This blog post is my version of how important it is to make goals and dream big – I have outlined my dream career and how I will work my way up.

I have very high aspirations in life which I do believe I can achieve. I’ve only just recently started to believe in myself to the point where I have convinced myself I can do this. I can become who I want to become. This was huge part of the reasons I started my blog, which was just over a year ago, now –  for me I purely made this blog to gain self-confidence and really just share with all you, my readers my ins and outs to the fashion world. Within the next 2 months I am going to buy my own domain and research into and buy a template which will eventually make me love the appreance of my blog even more. I can add different links and columns to my blog. I desperately need to buy a camera as well so I can improve my Instagram and Blog content. Photography is a huge aspect of blogging – the better it looks the more it will get noticed.


My dream job at the start of college was about being a fashion designer; however, going through college as a fashion student and experiencing ALL the basic elements of the fashion industry really made my strengths and weaknesses shine through. Now, my opinion has completely changed I couldn’t go into the subject of design because it’s just simply not for me.

Ever since I was little I always knew my path of life… I’ve always deep down wanted to be able to express my passion and thoughts for the world of fashion. Since the age of 7 I was always making outfits for my dolls – which was normal for most young girls, however I was a lot more interested in making clothes for them than the dolls themselves. I used to always decorate and ‘personalise’ different tops for me to wear.

I remember making these wedges but they literally were made from a plank of wood – makes me laugh and cringe thinking about it. I mean they were truly hideous. I never had a change in career path as I have always been set on my one main goal. I’ve made a lot of decisions along the way and explored all my different basic skills I know about the fashion industry which has influenced my decision on how I want to go forward with my life.

I mean, I am in love with the fashion world and always have been – but even if you’ve had thousands of career changes but only now you have found your light at the end of the tunnel, doesn’t make your love for your career is any less.
I know some people really struggle trying to find the right career path but you will eventually.

Earlier this year I concluded I want to study the Marketing and Communication aspect of fashion – this really excites me. I will be pursuing this career in university.

I’ve always had the same mind-set through my life and its always helped me, I want all the fabulous women in the world to think the same.

If YOU believe in yourself YOU will always achieve and come out shining from the rest of us. Whatever anyone tells you or if anyone doubts you and what you love NEVER listen – because if your head tells you, you can do it …YOU CAN DO IT!






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  1. Great post, Chelsey! And I love the Walt Disney quote at the end (; Happy International Women’s Day (for the other day) and you sound so sure of yourself and what you want in this post, I absolutely love it! You obviously have a huge creativ flare for fashion and you’ll do absolutely brilliantly in whatever fashion field you go in to. Blogging is a great extension of that (: I’ve also aimed to improve my blog photogeaphy. Unfortunately I don’t have enough for a new and amazing camera but I definitely think it’s improving just by me taking a bit more time on it to be honest xx

    1. Thankyou! Happy international women’s day to you too! Yes I’m very sure in what I want. Blogging has really helped boost my love for fashion and skills. Yeah I need a camera so bad!!😩 xx

  2. I need a camera too desperatly, I use my iphone and i am thankful for that.
    It is good to know where you want to take yourself, being a lady who is in her late forties, i had aspirations, but was left floundering.
    You remind me of my mum, she used to make her dolls clothes and her own, I on the other hand, cannot sew for toffee!
    I hope you had a good Womens day and we shall have to make something of it next year!

    1. Yeah me too, it’s so hard without a camera. However I’ve started using an app called LINE camera which is amazing quality no matter what phone you have! Yes I’m so glad I know what I want to achieve in life!
      Haha, i do like sewing & making – I just find so simple and easy!

  3. What a motivating post for International Women’s Day. I love that you mention that it can be a struggle at times to find your ideal career, I know when I was in education (A Levels to be exact) I felt kind of lost, unsure which path to take. Similar to you, I’m a firm believer if you can dream it, you can achieve it. I hope you have a great academic journey studying marketing and communications dear.

    Tajinder | http://www.musicgeekonline.co.uk

    1. Thankyou very much!
      Yeah I know so many people that struggle finding what they want to do butt luckily for me that just wasn’t the case!
      100% – I will always vouch for that!
      Thankyou very much – I hope so too 😆

  4. This is a great post! It is nice to read a post like this and know that you are genuinely happy with what you have achieved and know where you want to go 😀 I love reading how people find they path and passions 🙂


  5. Loved this read, I always love motivating content in general! Aka why my blog is motivating focused! I like to look at life as an evolving process, we are always changing and growing, but it’s up to you to grow and change to your full potential!

  6. I’ve come away from this post feeling better than I went in. Thank you so much for sharing! And the best of luck with all those big dreams you have. WE CAN DO THIS!

  7. I loved this!!♥ So inspirational and heartwarming! I too had a vision of what I wanted to do career wise but have recently changed it! Keep it up girl!♥

    -Danielle Ruppert

  8. Great post! You can definitely achieve things if you have belief in yourself! That a pity your career plans are slightly up in the air, atleast you know now though!
    Good luck with getting your own blog domain etc! I’m yet to take the plunge but can’t wait for when I do!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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