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Nothing I love more than trying out different products, whether its makeup/skin care or even hair products. I love keeping my hair in a good condition – I always find when my hair doesn’t feel healthy it really brings me down. I shampoo and condition my hair every morning which I know is really bad, but I can’t start the day without clean and washed hair.

My favourite hair products to use are my Lee Stafford collection which I have quite a few of – don’t get me wrong I use some more than others because each product has its own quality and value. You can buy the products to the way you want your hair styled which is great, from Straight to Curls these products suit any hair style.


I normally always have my hair straight as that is what I personally suit more, on a rare occasion I will curl my hair or have it wavy. So these products are amazing for me I barely have to straight my hair as my the products did it all. I never have to worry about my hair looking frizzy or fluffy. These products are from the ‘Poker Straight’ collection – this includes; Shampoo, Conditioner, Heat Protection Sprays, Protection Mist and Shine Serum. From all these I have only tired the shampoo and conditioner but cant wait to try the others.

Using the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shampoo already gives you a head start on getting beautiful, straight hair. I adore this product, it always leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth which is topped up with a your hair looking shiny and healthy. It completely cleanses your hair and has an amazing fragrance to go with it.

After application, I always follow with the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Conditioner again this product completely tops the silky and smooth finish. This conditioner has a special ingredient which keeps your hair safe and healthy when using heating tools. This reduces frizz and static energy in your hair – this has a beautiful fragrance too. Both these products are fairly affordable too being £5.99 for each the shampoo and conditioner.



Whenever I feel my hair is getting into a bad condition I always turn to this product – it really helps me repair my hair to a cleansed and healthy state. The spray is really light-weight and it never leaves a greasy effect.

When using this Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils Light Oil Repairing Mist you can certainly always tell a difference when applying this my hair never fails to feel restored, fresh, pampered and repaired. It’s so easy to use and again has a wonderful fragrance.



This is one of my favourite Lee Stafford products when I use it. As I wash my hair every morning I hardly use dry shampoo but when I do I couldn’t use a different product compared to this one. It completely revives my hair by being so absorbent. I can always face the day after using this.

This Lee Stafford Original Dry Shampoo product completely fights my roots and makes my hair feel so refreshed and clean with a fantastic fragrance. You can purchase travel sizes of this dry shampoo which is amazing for your travel bag essential.



By far this is my favourite Lee Stafford product everyday I use this no matter what – if you’re anything like me my hair gets so frizzy and static so easy. When straightening my hair it goes flicky and wavy within ten minutes of stepping outside. But not anymore, after using this product my hair stays straight and smooth all day. I always spray it before I leave in the morning and before bed.  

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dehumidifier keeps my hair straight all day and develops frizz protection with a gorgeous fragrance. This is £6.49 from boots. Very affordable and well worth the money.



If you are someone like me, I use heating tools everyday which literally destroys my hair after a while. So this product truly is a miracle product, you have to spray on towel dried hair and after hair is dry for best results. Don’t get me wrong my hair still gets in a bad condition but this product seriously decreases the time it gets in a bad condition.

This product Lee Stafford Miracle Heat Defence Spray is induced with Moroccan oil which makes my hair feel completely healthy after use, ending in a silky and smooth finish. The spray is very light weight and has a beautiful fragrance.



I am sucker when it comes hairspray can never get enough of it – I probably spray too much when I use it. There are so many different hairsprays which you can pretty much buy from anywhere. This hairspray is good but I have used hairsprays which are as good but cheaper. For example when I don’t have this hair spray, I always use VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray which is water-resistant too and £3.00.

The Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hairspray is £6.00 and can be purchased in Boots. It holds your hair in place all day, completely long-lasting. There is no stiffness and has a great fragrance – I would definitely recommend this product.



If you love having your hair full of volume this product is definitely for you! Your hair will contain a lot of padding and really holds your hair in place. Using this product with the Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hairspray is the best combination ever – definitely recommend. 

This Lee Stafford Big Fat Root Boost Mousse Spray is incredible to get thick volume hair, it has an extremely ultra strong hold and has a very low stickiness.



I don’t tend to have my hair curly at all, so this product is the one product I hardly use. When I have used it really creates thick, unruly curls. This Lee Stafford Crème Curl product really defines and controls great curls without frizzing.



So many people have asked me about Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment and let me tell you now its the best product I have ever used for hair growth. I don’t use it much now because I have changed my hair style to be short instead of long. When I did use this my hair completely started growing longer and longer so fast. It improves your hair condition and creates a healthy scalp with a great fragrance. My hair last year went all the way down to the end of my back, so if you want long hair and a healthy scalp, get this product!! It’s insanely good.

Lee Stafford hair products are very good and I recommend them all! Whether you want straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair or even hair growth anything you need Lee Stafford products will suit your needs.







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