Q & A with Chelsey Ocean

Hey guys,

As part of an Easter special on my blog I decided to let you all know some very good facts and secrets about me… The best part is all the questions you asked were on my Instagram, I have had such a fabulous mix of questions and I hope you all enjoy reading this blog post!


Questions… ALL ABOUT ME

  1. What are you doing for Easter? Asked by @supjulia

I am going away to visit family down in Norfolk!

  1. How old are you? Asked by @kathryn_frances_mua

I am 18 years old!

  1. Are you in school for fashion? What’s your ultimate job when you finish? Asked by @thatswhatsupblogger

No, I am not in a school for fashion. I am currently at college studying fashion & I will be going to University in September studying Fashion Marketing & Branding! When I finish University, I would hope I can use my blog as well as my degree to get myself a well-earned job in the fashion industry. Possibly being a PR and Journalism for different fashion shows across the world.

  1. What does your dream look like? Asked by @francescaaanels & @millennialstory

Being able to travel the world whilst being a blogger who people can relate to and be inspired by. I would like a job that consists of attending a variety of different fashion shows and fashion events all around the world and having a job where I can write about the fashion shows as being a journalism. On the other hand, I would love to be able to blog full time, and being a blogger as a job.

  1. Biggest Inspiration? Asked by @beautybymissl & @_ontherox

So many people inspire me, famous and not. Relating to famous figures I’d say a huge inspiration for me is most probably Beyoncé as I’m a big believer in being a powerful figure which people can look up to. Within fashion, my favourite fashion stylist Jason Rembert who I’m always finding inspiration from!

  1. Where do I want to be in the Future? Asked by @_eleanor.grace

I want to be travelling around the world whilst being a full-time blogger & knowing some more blogger friends as they are the nicest people!

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Asked by @rhaea_& @chantelouisee

In 5 years’ time, I will have just finished my fashion marketing degree and I will be looking for a full time job and I hope my blog will become a big part of my future, as its definately something I enjoy and thrive for!

  1. Whats 3 things you cant live without – beside makeup, iPhone and camera? Asked by @canadafashionista

Ooo gosh, this is a very hard one! Good question though, most probably would be; my bed… is my favourite place ever, notepads!! I am obsessed with fancy notepads and stationary & shoes, oh god I am obsessed with shoes!




  1. What would you choose to wear if you had to wear that outfit for the rest of the year? Asked by @laynamo

100% it would be my favourite off the shoulder top from Topshop with my favourite New Look jeans! Alongside my Topshop summer slides.

Off The Shoulder Top from Topshop — I’ve had this top since last summer so it’s not the website anymore. Cick Here for tips similar.

Skinny Jeans from New Look — Click Here.

Summer Slides from Topshop — (same goes with the shoes – out of stock!) Click Here.


  1. What’s your go to outfit? Asked by @angelo.land

Jeans and Off The Shoulder Top is my favourite go to outfit – when I can’t find anything else to wear I always result in this!

  1. Whats your biggest fashion mistake? Asked by @kiki_x_tank

I can’t think of anything but I once brought a jumper from Topshop accidently 5 sizes bigger than my size because it was put on the wrong hanger. The day I wore it, I didn’t have time to even look in the mirror as I was in a rush and didn’t realise what it looked like on me until after my shift at work. Even worse I was going out for a meal and going to a cocktail bar after work, so I had to go buy a top from Tesco which looked even worse!! What a stressful day that was!

  1. How long do you do your makeup for? Asked by @michellemorales

This is quite a tricky question as it depends what I am doing my makeup for, if its casual everyday makeup I’d say around 45mins to an hour. However, if I am doing my makeup for a night out or day event possibly between 2 hours – 3 hours.

  1. What is the red lipstick you are wearing in your latest Instagram photo? Asked By @beautyswot

The red lipstick is a lip liner which I’ve used for full coverage on my lips. For some reason lip liners stay on so much longer than actual lipstick. It’s a lip liner from MUA which I purchased from Superdrug and it’s so cheap – £1.00!!

Click here to view this MUA Lip Liner I am wearing in one of my latest Instagram posts!

Click here to view the Instagram post.



  1. Is that your natural hair? Asked by @abbiedajoux

No, it’s not, my natural hair is a very light brown however I do dye it black all the time as I suit dark hair so much better! In the picture shown is my hair dye pretty much faded out, so it does contain dark brown undertones now!

Click here to view the Instagram post.


  1. One item you can’t live without? Asked by @kellyarresrist

I’d have to say I can’t live without at least one pair of jeans, they are literally my saviour!!

  1. What’s your favourite form of entertainment? Asked by @christyclassyfied

Music! Even though I watch Netflix all the time – music is my favourite type of entertainment as it makes me feel so chilled!!



  1. Can you mention some of your Favourite Brands? Asked by @priscillathecreator

Favourite Hair Brand – Lee Stafford is definately my favourite!

Favourite Skin Care Brand – I am addicted to No7 Skin Care

Favourite Makeup Brand – L’Oréal

Favourite Tanning Brand – Bondi Sands & Ferne Beauty are my favourites, I can’t pick one!!


  1. Favourite Fashion Brand? Asked by @elizabethallcock &  @thatgirlfrommuscat

Oh my gosh! This is very hard to choose but I pretty much order everything from either Missguided or Topshop! Too many fashion brands to choose one.

  1. Casual Wardrobe? Asked by @junebeebaby

Yes, of course I have a casual wardrobe! I live in casual clothes especially at home, but I tend to dress up when I leave to house! My casual look is always jeans and knitwear… it’s so comfortable and I never get cold!

Missguided Knit Jumper — Click Here.

New Look Jeans — Click Here.


  1. What is my style staple? Asked by @ryliewatson

My style staple must be a pair of classic trainers either my puma or reebok trainers!


  1. Favourite Summer Outfit? Asked by @lovebirdbylsdesigns

Black Ripped Denim Shorts with off the shoulder crop top & slides and shades!!

  1. What are my festive staple styles? Asked by @the.thritychicgirl

Glitter – anything with glitter is my way to go!

  1. Favourite Drugstore makeup brands? Asked by @currentlylately

Wow, there is so many I have tried! But, I am completely obsessed with L’Oréal now. I have their 24hr Matte foundation in different shades, primer, fixing spray. I have recently brought a concealer and mascara which I am obsessed with!! I do buy their face masks regularly too! I recommend L’Oréal to everyone!


Click here to visit L’oreal website.

  1. Favourite High End Drug Store? Asked by @morganneibar

I would have to say Body Shop as a high end, but Boots is pretty much where I buy all my essentials!

  1. Favourite Makeup Brands? Asked By @elenaobiedo

L’Oréal is my favourite at the moment.

  1. Favourite hair products? Asked by @bethkite @lauras_space &  @lifedarling


Click here to view Lee Stafford website.


  1. What makeup can you not live without? Asked by @elljt

Anastasia Beverly Hill Dip Brow



  1. How long have you been blogging? Asked by @shamikapandit

I have been blogging for about a year and a half now!

  1. How much time a week do you spend blogging? @alisonb.illustration

Oh god, I pretty much blog all the time. At least one hour a day – most days more than an hour!

  1. What inspired you to create this blog? Asked by @3mi1y_ & @ladylawstudent & @vigor.and.vouge

I have always wanted to start up my own blog as I have read other peoples and that really inspired me. As I have always had a strong loving for the fashion world and community. I wanted to use my fashion knowledge and admiration into creating my own little blog!

  1. Why did I start blogging? Asked by @makeupandmummydaysblog & @rubenverrecoff & @socialytecaptial

I started blogging purely for fun! I wanted to express my love for fashion in many ways, discussing different trends, allowing you guys as my audience to see my style of fashion and lifestyle. Blogging for fun, has now turned into blogging part time religiously every day. Now I have created this blog and been able to find other bloggers who I can relate to, I don’t think I could ever stop blogging!

  1. How did you start getting into blogging? Asked by @romaradz & @kylieshaynego @kylieshaynego & @lovefashionmakeupblog & @luloswimwear & @purpleink_boutique

First, I began blogging last year on the blogging format BlogSpot. I was going to New York last March, so I wanted to get my blog set up ready for me to blog about my trip to New York! After this, I carried on developing my blog using WordPress and haven’t stopped since!

  1. Top Tips for starting a blog / advice for new bloggers? Asked by @cherriesbeauty & @pr1ncesskayleigh & @nomandicaramis

The biggest thing I learnt as a new blogger is when picking a name for your blog, make sure you are happy with it. This is something I didn’t do at the start, when you change your name it can confuse people, as regular followers may think your blog has been deleted! I chose my blog to be named ‘ChelseyOcean’ which is my name & middle name so I know I won’t need to change it. For me a HUGE element to my blog is my social media, as I always use this to promote my blog being Twitter and Instagram – I recommend anyone starting a blog to have a social media account to fall back on and promote your blog on.


  1. Whats your biggest blogging challenge has been? Asked by @settoglow

Most probably, starting as a new blogger and being able to create an audience is probably quite tricky. I do blog for fun quite a lot, but it does make me very happy seeing people reading my blog and getting feedback through social media. I do struggle sometimes to come up with new topics to discuss on my blog.

  1. Whats your favourite thing about blogging? Asked by @finefeathersboutique & @ashtongibbs

My favourite thing about blogging is being able to relate to other fabulous blogger, I love chatting and finding new bloggers just like me. They are the funniest and kindest people I know! For sure my social media timelines are never boring, as its constant blogging chat or bloggers sharing their thoughts. I try to interact with as many bloggers as possible!

  1. Best Blogging tips for engagement and gaining followers? Asked by @thelwordbylaura & @pr1ncesskayleigh

I never been one that obsesses over numbers of followers or views. However, recently I have noticed my engagement and followers shoot up, even though I am not a very big blogger right now, this is still very good for me as I rely on social media to promote my blog. I have 4 main elements which I have been doing lately, and by coincidence my followers have grown – these are;


Be creative all the time, in your blog and especially your photography. My Instagram feed has completely improved since I started – as I know how to take photos better using the best apps. In my photos, I will always add a magazine or some decorative detail to create a better theme for my Instagram. Be original is the key to be seen. I will be doing a blog post very soon about how I edit my Instagram photos.






I make sure I am active pretty much all the time, when I know I am not going to be very inactive I will always allow a day after to relax and be able to reply to emails and be very interactive with all my followers.


I do this a lot religiously, pretty much every day! Quite a lot of the time I won’t have time to sit and promote my blog all the time, so I simply use Hootsuite to schedule my twitter and Facebook page! I try and write casual tweets in the middle of my scheduled tweets – so my followers aren’t bombarded with me promoting my blog all the time.


Connecting with your followers is the most IMPORTANT elements to having engagement. Every day I always reply to bloggers tweets & I always like and comment on Instagram photos & other people’s blogs. If you don’t connect with your followers, don’t expect them to connect with you!


Instagram pods really help me out, with meeting new bloggers and being able to engage with others. I tend to ask questions in my tweets and Instagram captions, this really draws people in and will most likely reply to you.


  1. What are your hobbies when not blogging? @saraheichstedtphotography

This is a brilliant question, SHOPPING is obviously my favourite hobby, who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy?! Also, I love collecting and buying magazines, I have a bookshelf full!! Vogue & Cosmopolitan are my favourite!

  1. Favourite fashion bloggers for inspriation? Asked by @kat_last & @thivymichelle

I have two favourite fashion bloggers;

Sinead Crowe ‘@sineadcrowe ‘ is incredible, I have spoken to her a few times and she is one of the kindest bloggers ever. Her Instagram feed and blog is amazing ‘lovestylemindfulness’ & she really connects with other bloggers and I love that! She is very inspiring to me, some of her blog posts I read really helped me start up my blog in the right way!

Lissy Roddy @lissyroddyy ‘ her style is amazing, the way she styles her clothes together give me so much inspiration! I love her Instagram feed so much!

This blog post is very long, I know;  however I have managed to answer everyone’s questions.



Thankyou everyone for all your questions, they are so much appreciated!!

Hope you enjoy this post and find out more about me, most of all…







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  1. This is very helpful for everyone to get to know you better. Btw , I dream of traveling around the world too ! 😌😌 can’t go wrong with traveling around the world 😌.

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  2. I love how your dream is to travel the world and blog about it. Mine is the exact same. Judging by the quality of your posts, then your dream is very close. Good luck!

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