Over the past few weeks i have had loads of compliments about my Instagram feed and a few people have asked me what i have done to improve my feed?

My Instagram feed used to be such a mess none of my photos went together and to be honest the photography skills were lacking too. Everyday I am learning something new about Instagram and i always get inspiration from other bloggers who have fabulous feeds.

I’m not a big fan of filters on photos, i think sometimes it can remove the natural feel about the photo. To create my Instagram feed i rely on 3 apps completely which are; LINE Camera, After-light and Facetune. I use all these everyday religiously, all the apps together create my photos to look so much better.

LINE Camera

I take all my photo using my IPhone 5s as i haven’t yet brought a camera, i bet your thinking why are all my photos better quality than an Iphone 5s? This is completely down to this app, it is amazing – even though i am still taking photos with my phone the quality is about ten times better.

This image is unedited and taken with my ordinary Iphone 5s back camera.


This image is unedited and taken with the app LINE camera on my Iphone 5s.


Incredible right?! i recommend anyone that doesn’t have a camera to download this app!

You can download the app FREE by clicking here.


This is the first stage i go through to start editing my photos, its a brilliant app to make your photos look so natural and defined. I will show how i create the perfect instagram image using one of my latest pictures.  When editing my photos the difference is very subtle so i keep them as natural as possible.

The Original Image



I tend to adjust the clarification edit to add texture in my images,  you add it between 0 – 100. Alongside adding texture is does add some brightness to my images.

On this photo you can see it has slightly enhanced the colour of the tree. Each image I edit through this app are always different depending on natural lighting and placement of images. For this image I have changed the clarify to around 80.



Obviously, changing the brightness of your photo is quite simple. I tend to make my photos quite bright so it looks really natural, sometimes even in natural lighting the photo can look quite dull. This photo was taken on a cloudy day so it naturally looks very dull – for this photo I adjusted the brightness at 100.



I tend to use contrast to define the darker and lighter elements in my photos. It will make the shadows darker and the highlights lighter.

For example in this picture it has added depth and a darker tone on my hair, whilst making my jacket and stones lighter. I have adjusted the contrast to around 50 – 60.



Finally, the last step on this app is Sharpening. This is a crucial part of editing my images, as I use this to define my whole image. To make it look very sharp, but not distorted, so i adjust this to around 50.


This is everything I use on the app After light – in my opinion it is one of the best photo editing softwares i have ever used! I would recommend it to anyone.

You can download it by clicking here for £0.99!

To finish editing this photo, there is another app i use which is on a rare occasion.


I tend to use this app to blur my images. So in this case i used the app to blur the background of my image, so it didn’t distract the fact I am trying to show of my jacket. At the same time it really defines me.

You can download Airbrush by clicking here  for free.



This app isn’t always used, but when i do need to use it i find it incredible!! I use this app to sometimes blur but i mainly use this app to whiten my image.

I sometimes struggle taking pictures at home because majority of my walls in my house are cream, however after finding out about this app its not a problem at all. Just simply upload your images and use the whitening tool to whiten the white elements on the photo.

Never go to crazy with it though, sometimes trying to whiten shadows it can create a nasty grey scale on your image, even though i use this i still manage to make my image look as natural as possible!!





How amazing is it?!!

This works fabulous with brightening up flat-lays and keeping that natural colour.

You can download the app by clicking here for £3.99!

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading this blog post and learnt something new!! Whats your favourite photo editing apps? I would love to know!!

If you would like to see more of my photos, view my instagram by clicking here ! I always follow back.


Line Camera





  1. I follow you on Instagram. I must say, your photos really are gorgeous! I also use AfterLight to edit my photos, as well as VSCO. Both are absolute lifesavers! Thanks for these tips!

  2. What a great post! I use afterlight religiously! Although I had never heard of the line app so will definitely look at it, especially for iPhone! Your results with it look great!

    Thanks for sharing with us 🙂


  3. We use facetune already, but I’m going to check out AfterLight! Thanks Chelsea xx

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