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When it comes to collaborations or product reviews I’d say brands approach me as much as I approach them. If there is a certain brand you really want to work with it’s better them hearing from you as there are millions & millions of different bloggers  and especially if you aren’t a huge blogger it will be hard for brands to find you. In my opinion its always best to approach the brands you want to work with yourself (even if they reject you, at least you have now put yourself out there!) This is key to remember especially if there is a brand you really want to work with!

When I approach brands I will always provide them with a media kit which is possibly one of the best things to have as blogger! How I always describe it is… a Media Kit is pretty much a CV for your blog – it allows brands to get to know you a bit better before replying or to consider working with you.


What should a media kit contain?

Facts About You


This is basically your introduction to your media kit, its nice for companies to know a bit about you that you don’t share on social media. It shouldn’t be massively long either, as companies will be reading loads and might not have time. Short and sweet.

In my media kit I decided to include; a brief summary of my niche and details about my current education status, my career goals. I mean some people might not think this is very relevant – but as my background and education is based around fashion & marketing subjects, I added it in. Alongside this, I described goals for my blog over the next few months.

Blog, Blog, Blog !!

This is essentially the most important part of your media kit, whether you have a blog or vlog completely impress them. Even if it feels like you are bragging too much, carry on, sell yourself and your blog! Its your time to shine!

Don’t forget to explain what your blog is about and the story / timeline of my blog. I’ve outlined the strengths and plans for my blog in the future. Explaining your best blog post is good too – this allows the brand to see your full hard working potential. Outlining categories and special elements to your blog that makes it individual to you. You are all special in your own way!

Another, crucial part of describing your blog is your target market, who looks at your blog? What age range are they in? Gender?. There is endless ways to describe your blog, just pick out the best qualities and flaunt them.


Statistics / Followers

Majority of brands will always ask for this specifically. So making sure they are clear and accurate are so important! Google Analytics are a great way to measure statistics accurately, if you haven’t heard of it, go get it!

For my statistics in my media kit, I include;

  • Unique Visitors Per Month
  • Page Views Per Month
  • Twitter Followers
  • Instagram Followers

Everything that is relevant include it, you could include all your social media statistics if it suits you. For example I wouldn’t highlight my 41 followers, as I haven’t been growing it properly. I would love for you to show some love on my Facebook page, click here.

Whatever you are comfortable in showing, show it!

Sponsorship rates

This part isn’t 100% needed. Depending on what you offer – personally on my media kit, i don’t include specific prices as i prefer to discuss this with the brand privately. I do outline what certain collaborations or product reviews i accept and i describe how i go about show casing / promoting the collaboration. So the brands know what to except.


This part literally can take up a lot of room. I have two different sections, brands I have previously worked with & brands I am currently working with. Try and make sure you include all – so the companies can be impressed with your blogging work. You know what they say; IF YOU’VE GOT IT, FLAUNT IT.

I update my media kit quickly, as stats and collaborations change all the time. So when you send your media kit off, it will at the most updated stage.


I wouldn’t recommend over loading in pictures as brands like to read about you too! On my media kit I have three different images, of course the best images that display your individual style.


Your contact details are a must!! You can add as many personal details as you want – personally right now I only send out my email address. Make sure it’s very clear.

I simply just email my media kit with a cover message relating to why I am emailing my media kit to them. In some cases, I have been and handed my media kit to companies who have been searching for bloggers.

Creating a Media Kit can be quite fun as you can be as creative as possible. I hope this has helped you all create your own media kit.


Any questions? Don’t be afraid to contact me through social media or email me

Do you have any Media Kit top tips? Leave a comment below I’d love to hear your tips!




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