Skin Therapy with Skin Yoga 

If you know me well, you’d know I’m crazy over skin care and treatments. I’m never not wearing a face mask, I mean who doesn’t love a detox at the end of a stressful day? I do. 

The presence of skin therapy makes me so excited. And then I came across Skin Yoga. Skin Yoga is a 100% natural, vegan skin care from Indian. I got delivered the Coffee Body Scrub and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It came in the nicest black and gold packaging with the cutest personal note and a product guide. The best thing about Skin Yoga products, especially this one is that it’s 100% natural.

The main thing I was completely stunned by was the smell of this body scrub. I know it’s coffee body scrub… but OH MY, the smell literally reminds of coffee in the morning. I was in Skin Yoga heaven! The ingredients for this particular Coffee Body Scrub is made from; Coffee Ground, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Seasame Oil.


How do I use it?

As I’m pretty much tanned 24 / 7 I only exfoliate when I need to redo my tan or take the patchy tan off. My favorite way to use this product, is by having a bath soak making sure everything is clean and refreshed. Whilst my skin is still wet I take small handfuls of the coffee scrub which I then scrub on my skin for 5-7 minutes. Rinse. It’s such an easy routine which can be achieved so quickly.

Does it work? 

What can I say.. It’s one of the best exfoliation products I have ever used. My skin feels completely fresh and cleansed ready for reapplication of tan. I have never been so pleased with a product… it’s smells completely gorgeous whilst leaving my skin so silky soft.

The reason it makes my skin feel so good is because even when it’s moisturising and nourishing your skin. It enhances fat and metabolism and removes liquid and fat from your skin, reduces cellulite and stretch marks. There are so many more amazing qualities left to describe of this body scrub which I will let you all find out when you use it.


The coffee body scrub is £32 and can be purchased from Naturally Better You. I know it’s can seem pricey but honestly, it’s so worth it. The absolute best skin care product which completely soothes my skin.
(Even though this product has been sent to me to review, be sure this is entirely my own honest opinion. This is not an advertisement.)

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