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As part of my final few days of college we have put on a fabulous end of year fashion show. Both years and foundation degree have put extreme hard work and dedication to create a final collection responding to their individual theme.

Trend Project Year ones were given a theme which was called Organic Modernity. They explored this theme in depth to create a detailed outfit of the their choice. And oh my, they did just that.

Here is the outfits made by the talented designers shown on the catwalk:


Lucy Steadman

White all in one trouser suit with ruffles.


Olivia Hancock

Brown / Beige jeans with t-shirt.


Amber Brigham

Rust Skort and Top with Lizard embroidery.


Alice Anderson

Dusky Pink dress and beige jack with skull.


Millie Rodgers

Olive green full length dress with good embroidery.


Lauren Wood

Peach dress with up and down hem embroidery.



Chloe Woo

Brown fitted dress with gold lace and white bodice panel.


Taylor Prosser

 Dusky pink skirt, white backless top and dusky pink bralet.


Megan Simpson

White / Pink with pink top and white jacket.


Tiffany Cole 

Pink dress.


Sustainable Fashion Accessory Project

Year ones had to create a bag which is sustainable based on one of the two theme chosen, which were; Darling Denim & Natural Beauty.

Here are a few bags shown in the Fashion Show.






This continued on to Year Twos collections.

As it’s our final year we could pick any theme of our choice, the variety is unbelievable. Everyone has does something different and individual to their own style. We had to create a collection of clothing relating to a theme, a series of 2 or more outfits.

First up designer,

Designer – Kurtis Reid & Collection – 1989 

Kurtis’s inspiration behind his collection ‘1989’ is by creating a collection of clothes in honor of the victims of the Hillsborough accident. He created Liverpool themed, embellished garments to get the powerful message across.




Designer – Shania Wright & Collection – Cut N’ Run

Shania’s collection was mainly based on sportswear, which she named it as ‘Cut N’ Run.’ For her collection she made; – a play suit – Culottes and a top.



Designer – Sharelle Sowman & Collection – 90’s Hip Hop

For Sharelle’s 90’s styled Hip Hop Inspired collection include a lot of denim and velvet. For her collection she has made: – Combat and Fishnet Top – Denim Skirt, Bralet and Mesh Top.


Designer – Charlotte Penny Slinn & Collection – Geometric Future

Charlotte has create created collection based on the theme Geo-metrics. She has created: – Silver Dress – Black and White Dress.



Designer – Casey Poyser & Collection – Minimalist Statement

Casey’s inspiration for her collection is all about making a statement through her garments. Her collection is made up of ; – Black All In One – Trousers and Bralet.




Designer – Chelsey Davison (this is me) Collection – Freedom of Slavery

So my collection is all about fighting for freedom and equality – I wanted to create a collection using latest trends whilst portraying a powerful message. I was so determined to create 3 outfits and that’s what I did – I made: – Menswear – Denim Jacket, Trousers And Top. Womenswear –  Culottes and Cropped Top. Womenswear, Body Suit and Skirt.



Designer – Alex Stanford & Collection – African Tribes

Alex creates a collection based on her theme African Tribes. It involves so many amazing patterns and bright colours which popped the catwalk. For her collection, she made; – green dress – blue dress.



Designer – Katy Jones & Collection – Tudor

Katy concentrated on the Tudors as her theme, she really managed to get the theme across in her garments. She made: – Yellow / Silver / Gold Dress – Black / Red Boning Dress.


Designer – Ceri Sharp & Collection – Women’s Unite

Ceri’s collection called ‘women’s unite’ is based on the historical events of the Suffragettes. She is very big fan of textiles, so all her garments are very detailed and embellished. For her collection she made: – Culottes, Top and Bralet – Top Bodice Skirt / Dress.


Designer – Caitlin Wingfield & Collection – Pink Ladies

Caitlin based her collection from 1950’s grease inspired theme called ‘Pink Ladies’ with a modern trend twist. She made: – Coat Dress – Shorts and Bralet.


Designer – Meda Delf & Collection – MODS

Meda’s collection is based on 1960’s era where MODS started. She created a collection dedicated to the styles worn by the MODS. She made: – Checked Shorts, Checked Jacket, Bralet – Culottes and Jumper.



Designer – Faye Bagnall & Collection – Sinners

This theme most definitely represents Faye’s style which is very good as she’s very passionate about her collection. She’s made: – Pink Dress – Blank Trousers, Top and Bralet.


Designer – Kyla Evans & Collection – Luxurious Romance.

Kyla’s collection is very elegant and detailed. Based on the theme Luxurious Romance, she created garments and a photo shoot that really show of her theme. For her collection she made; – Pink Dress – Black / Pink Dress.


Designer – Ellie Marley & Collection – Bohemian Bridal

This is a beautiful collection on the theme Bohemian Bridal. It looked ridiculously elegant on the catwalk and the pieces reflect the theme very well. As part of her collection she made: – Two Piece Bridal Dress – Bridal Dress.


Now for those studying the foundation degrees. The foundation year one students made an outfit based on the theme ‘Lichtenstein Statement.’

Designer: Amy Dann & Outfit : Image


The last collections were from Foundation Degree Year Two students. Again, they were able to pick a theme of their choice.

Designer: Vikki Baker Haddock & Collection: Greek Mythology.



Designer: Katie Woodall & Collection: Arrow.


Designer : Kayleigh Steel & Collection : Tudors.



Designer: Naghma Ali & Collection: Eastern & Western Combined.



Designer: Adeeba Khan & Collection: Haute Couture.



Designer: Katie Price & Collection: Oversized and Structured


 Designer: Hattie Ward & Collection: Floral Embellishment.



This is all the students who showcased their garments in the fashion show.

Another student who studies fashion business alongside the Foundation Degree Year Two, has his work displayed in the exhibition.

Fashion Business: James Shirley

For his course he create an amazing magazine totally from scratch using his own photography and interviews he has taken.




For everyone that came along we hope you all enjoyed the show and the exhibition. If not, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post all about it and watched the live stream of the show. All the students hard work and dedication made the show so spectacular and we all enjoyed showing you our work we have created.

Thank You Again.

If you missed the exhibition you can still come see it up until the 30th June.

Times are written below –

Friday 16th June 5pm – 8pm

Saturday 17th June 10am – 12pm

Monday 19th & 26th June 10am – 6pm

Tuesday 20th & 27th June 10am – 6pm

Wednesday 21st & 28th June 10am – 6pm

Thursday 22nd & 29th June 10am – 6pm

Friday 23rd & 30th June 10am – 4pm

I hope you can all come along in these times to see our exhibition and to celebrate our hard work with us.

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  1. Well done Chelsey. Your collection looked great! There are some great pieces in there by lots of you. Looked fab! Congratulations again! Kayleigh Lisa xx

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