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I thought I would write this blog post because when I first started my blog I found it quite hard to get it started, I seemed to be like, what happens next, what do I do now? As i have now been blogging for a while, I have learnt blogging isn’t as straight forward as you think, there is so much people don’t know and how much hard work actually goes into having a blog. For me, i pretty much blog full time and I would love to eventually have my blog as my career, what a dream.

Things you need to do when starting your blog;

Find Your Muse

When it comes to starting a blog I definitely believe the biggest starting point is to work out what you want to blog about, find something you’re passionate about.

Whether it’s Beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, even abit of everything?! However, being passionate about your topic is the most important thing, because if you are not – you will really struggle to sit and write about it all the time.

For me I started of completely dedicating my blog to fashion and now I have about 5 different topics running of my blog.


Blogging Platform

So for this you can either jump straight in and buy your own domain and template or you can have a go on a free blogging platform.

Majority of people usually use either blogspot or WordPress as they are great to start on.

I started on blogspot it’s completely free to start and so easy to use – however, I eventually moved to WordPress which is free to use to but they have a lot more variety of free templates.

When you’ve set your blog up don’t be disheartened if it’s not looking how you wanted it to look as it does take time to build – the more you blog and add your own style it will build and grow faster.

Blog Name

This has to be the MOST important part of creating a blog, right? What are going to call it…? You can either create a name dedicate to your blog or like me I’ve just used my first and middle name. I preferred to use my own name as I felt that my blog is now more personalized to me.

If you create something that’s not your name, make sure it’s catchy so people will remember and it will become easily known to other people.

Blog, Blog, Blog

Now everything is finally set up, blog blog blog. Don’t get me wrong I look back on old material now and cringe – but doesn’t everyone?! I always think it just shows how much you’ve grown so I don’t regret anything.

The benefit blogging has for me is that it’s definitely improved my English and Vocabulary a lot!

When posting on your blog try an stick to schedule as you can so easily go off track if you don’t. I tend to post every Sunday and Wednesday. I do write my blog posts in advance so I never need to worry or stress about rushing them.

Start Promoting

One of the keys pointers for your blog to grow is having a social media platform you can start promoting on. I mainly use Instagram and twitter, which is good to promote your blog on it but don’t go to over the top as some people don’t like seeing constant advertising – I try and tweet or post in between. I am currently writing another blog post about boosting engagement for your blog which I will write in more detail about growing your blog on there.


I most admit I need to focus on this, it’s definitely my downfall for my blog. It’s so easy to do and it will help your blog so much! When I do schedule I tend to schedule my tweets over a few weeks promoting my blog posts whilst I’m busy in the day time and not able to go on twitter. I use Buffer to schedule tweets – its definitely one of the best apps to use.


I must say my photography game has completely improved from when I started blogging it’s mad. When I started I didn’t and still don’t have a professional camera – however now, I tend to get proper photographers to take my photos which is so much better. Just make sure your photos are relevant to your blog post.

When thinking of ideas to take flat lay pictures, I tend to use white card, marble pattern (which is printed and stuck to card), a white fur blanket. There is so much more you can use, you can also make it really cheap for yourself too.



Okay this was me, before I blogged I spent weeks googling so much about blogging. I would spend hours and hours, even till the early morning literally researching so much about blogging. This allowed me to jump straight in head first.

As part of my research to blogging I found 3 different bloggers who really inspire me to get ideas and see how they communicate to their audience. I messaged them bloggers for advice, this was so helpful and they are all so nice, even the bigger bloggers! Never be afraid to ask.

Through my journey I loved / still love knowing and  finding new bloggers to talk to and to find inspiration from.

The biggest advice I can give you is when I comes to blogging never put yourself down over your blog. Don’t think your blog isn’t as good as others and your blog is amazing and individual to you. Time is definitely your essence, give your blog time to blossom and grow.

If you ever need any more advice or just want to talk, feel free to message on any social media platform or email me at

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    1. Thankyou so much! Yeah talking to other bloggers really helped with my blog – it’s the best way to get a feel for blogging before actually doing it! I’m glad this helped you. xx
      Chelsey Ocean

  1. Those are great tips; and they’re even helpful when you’ve already been blogging for a while. Especially the design; I have been blogging for over a year now and am only just finding a design that I enjoy!

    But… ‘Ocean’ is your actual middle name? Really? I am so jealous, I don’t even have a boring one!

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