Summer Ready With Ideal Of Sweden 

Phone cases in my opinion are one of the most important type of accessorising, I am a huge fan of styling an outfit with a phone case of course. Ideal of Sweden phone cases are most definitely the best phone cases to style with your outfits.
As we are now in summer it’s all about the bright patterned cases the ones you can match with your summer floral’s or your gold statement piece. My favourite everyday phone cases is a colored marble case – in my opinion marble can be matched to any outfit and fits all seasons too.

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Ideal Of Sweden is now officially my favourite place to buy phone cases, they literally have phone cases for every outfit, every occasion and even EVERY season! They get delivered in their own very cute plastic box too – the best package wrapped I’ve ever seen phone cases in. I own four Ideal Of Sweden phone cases which are all so different, I’m going to show how I style each one to my own outfits.

Matte Black


This case was one of the very first cases I received, having a Matte Black is so good to wear through the colder seasons. Also, for me it’s perfect as I wear black clothing all the time and Black and Gold is my favourite summer combination right now. Nevertheless, this case is perfect to style with any outfit as it’s plain black.


Carrara Gold


This phone case is part of Ideal Of Sweden’s Fashion Collection A/W 16 – 17. The minute I saw this case I was in LOVE! I have always loved anything marble, but white & gold marble?! It Couldn’t get any better!! I can style this with all my white outfits and gold accessories. I use this case the most as it’s so beautiful.


Ideal Of Sweden have recently completely upped their game with their brands new summer collection. I must say they have smashed it once again…yay! The phone cases I chose from the summer collection is Island Paradise Marble and Monstera Jungle.

Island Paradise Marble

Well what can I say it’s marble and turquoise, the perfect combination! This phone case is literally the perfect summer phone case to go with all the bright coloured trends this year. The case just reminds me of the summer blue sea in the shining sun. It’s perfect for your summer beach outfit.


Monstera Jungle


Ok, this phone case just shouts SUMMER. I am so obsessed with this phone case, I literally can’t take it off. This phone case is all about the tropical floral’s you’ll be wearing this summer season. Flaunt them bright colours with your deep tan. I have the perfect statement skirt full of summer tropical palm leaves to go with this case.


Now I have my Ideal Of Sweden phone cases, I am officially summer ready. Definitely expect to see more ways I style my favourite Ideal Of Sweden Phone Cases over the summer on my Instagram.
The other phone cases part of their summer collection are; Banana Coconut & Floral Romance.

Are you summer ready yet? Have you got your Ideal Of Sweden phones cases at the ready? Let me know, I would love to know which ones you have.

If not, don’t forget you can use the code ‘summermadness‘ for 30% off!!

***This collaboration is gifted but please be aware my opinions are completely true and my own****


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