Getting Perfect Brows with Epibrow 

I’ve literally been trying to grow out my eyebrows for ages, purely because I want to re shape them better to suit my face. I never found any product good enough that grows out my brow hair faster and thicker. For a long time my eyebrow used to be dark brown and slowly fade into light hair so it literally looked like I had half a brow, it was a disaster.

I came in contact with a brand called Epibrow who are an international academy that supply Brow and Lash products to help keep them as healthy as ever. So when they offered to send me one of their Brow Serums, I thought why not, its worth the try! Honestly, the results were incredible. Pretty much after one day my brows started going slightly darker and the brow hair have grown so fast.
I am writing this review from using this product for two weeks, even after two weeks the little bottle is pretty much still full. So, I will be using it’s for a long time. After two weeks my brows have grown so thick and fast, I’m so happy it’s helped me grow out my eyebrows even more!

***WARNING: please be aware my eyebrows are in their natural and un plucked state. As I’m in the middle of growing them out – they are very messy.***


Before i started using this product my eyebrows were very fair hair which meant the ends of my eyebrows you can hardly see. I forever wish I was one of those people that could literally live in the natural brows without even touching them up, unfortunately that’s not me. This is purely why I am growing them out!


Okay, you can clearly see the difference and I’m only two weeks in. The hairs are so much more darker, they have grown SO fast! Since I’ve been using this product I have found it even easier to draw them in as they are good back to their natural shape. I am so happy with the results!

How I got my results 

As I have managed to get really good results, my daily EpibrOw routine is daily. When I wake up in the morning I make sure my skin is completely clean and fresh and I use the little brush in the bottle to brush the hairs with the oil. I massage the product into my eyebrows, purely because it helps boost the blood circulation, after I top it up I applied another layer of the product on top and let it naturally dry.

Epibrow products are so well worth it! I would recommend them to anyone. Especially this product Brow Design Serum, its £55 which is definitely worth splashing the cash on!
Another product Epibrow do which is highly recommend is their Eyelash Serum which works overnight and for best results over 4 weeks. I’m so eager to try this one, it sounds amazing!

Go buy your Brow Serum today and get your dream brows!

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