Things I Changed That Helped Me Build A Following

So just recently I hit 4K on my Instagram which I was extremely pleased and grateful for. However, over the past few weeks I’ve had a few people ask me personally how I managed to grow my following to 4K on Instagram and 3.7K on twitter – so I thought I’d try to explain my top tips on how to boost your following / engagement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still new to all this so I don’t know the proper way to help boost your following, however what I’ve done for me has helped me a lot. If you are a very new blogger, check out my blog post ‘How To Start A Blog‘ as I have the best top tips to get your started before you use these tips too.

Some of my points might not help you but they are definitely worth a try.

Choose Your Future Goals

This is probably a very important point to what’s helped me. Luckily, I’m definitely someone who has major dedication and motivation to go towards what I want to do in life. This has massively helped me – if you visually think in the mindset that you know exactly where you want to be and make a future plan of how you want to get there, it will help you. So when starting your Instagram/Twitter for blogging or a business you need to work out what you want to achieve from it and how you are going to achieve it.

Connect With Other Instagrammers

This is very important to connect with other Instagram users, comment, like and follow as much as you can. I am really bad at it but replying to comments on your photo is great for helping your engagement.

Link Your Social Media Handles To Your Blog 

I always have all my social media links attached to my blog so its easier for bloggers and brands to contact me and find me easily on places other then my blog.

Link Your Social Media Handles To Your Emails

This is something I’ve done for quite a while and its really helped me… I have inserted a footer on my email which contains my name, website and social media handles. This helps me when emailing a brand as all my details they need are already attached to my email.

Hashtag or Not To Hashtag?!

Hashtags are a funny one. I used to think hash tags helped me a lot but it turns out, they didnt help me at all because of the famous shadowban, every blogger is talking about. If you have never heard of ‘shadowban’ before its basically when instagram can ban your photos from appearing on any of the hashtags. You mainly get shadowbanned if you use instagram too much which to them can be seen as a spam. I have been shadow banned before which was so annoying but its meant that now I rarely use any hashtags and if I do I insert the hashtags in my caption rather then the comments.

Twitter Chats

This point i absolutely love. As it doesn’t just help your following on twitter, it also helps towards Instagram. Twitter chats are mainly hosted by a blogging promotion account – these are well hosted and organised. You can simply join in the chats by answering all the questions the account asks and replying your answer with their dedicated hashtag. This is great to find and find out about more bloggers.

If you get the chance to host a twitter chat, definitely grab the opportunity. You can apply to host twitter chats to, I’ve done one for @GRLPOWR and @BBLOGGERS. For @grlpowr you can simply enter in a form if you want to apply to host. Make sure you have an idea of your topic and questions ready!


So I have done two different Q&A’s – I have done a blog post one and a YouTube video. I found doing the YouTube video easier purely because its a lot easier for me to explain myself. Doing these is a great way to up your engagement and at the same time time its great for people to know more about you on a personal level. This is when brands and bloggers will start to connect with you even more.


Okay, real talk now. Everyone loves a giveaway no matter how big or how small the giveaway is. You can win stuff for free. This is one of best ways to up your following and engagement. However, for myself I haven’t actually done a proper giveaway – I have only done giveaways on behalf of a brand. Ive found they really helped me engage and my following grew a lot during hosting a giveaway.

Good Content

So this is the one a lot of people talk about, in my opinion you dont need a theme on your Instagram to be successful. As-long as your images are taken well and relate to your niche and caption  – you will most definitely stand out. As my niche is mainly fashion, I try and base my feed around OOTD’s photos. The most important thing about making your feed is never compare yourself to anyone else as it will always get you down and make you feel rubbish. If you believe in yourself more, you will well and truly shrive to success.

6 thoughts on “Things I Changed That Helped Me Build A Following

  1. Such an interesting and helpful post, girl! Love your Instagram feed btw and hope you’ll continue growing and reaching all your goals! xxx

  2. I would feel too nervous for a Q&A incase no one would ask me anything haha. I really enjoy twitter chats but do not get involved in them as much as I would like. I prefer comment sprees, as I prefer commenting on others posts. And with Instagram I don’t really engage apart from liking peoples photos. I respond to comments on my own but want to comment more on others. This post has made me realise that I want to up my engagement with others. Great read,
    Lois x

    1. I felt like that on my first ever Q&A but the response was amazing – just make sure you promote it across everywhere and people will be interested, I definitely would! I’m so happy this post helped you! Thankyou for your lovely comment!
      Chelsey Ocean x

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