Luxurious Eyelashes With Epibrow 

Every girl craves for long eyelashes, this most definitely applies to me a lot considering everyday I put on my fake eyelashes. They are literally my life, but a lot of the days my eyes can ache and feel so sensitive as I don’t give them a break. My eyelashes aren’t very long at all, I’ve always wished for longer eyelashes.

After reviewing Epibrow Eyebrow Serum and being amazed with the results. They also sent me their eyelashes growth Serum – I was so excited to try it! I didn’t believe they would grow as much as they did!

The product itself grows your lashes overnight, however for best results you should use every night for 4 weeks. I’m now on week 3 and the difference is absolutely mind blowing. I have even started wearing no fake lashes, just mascara – which is the best possible result for me. Using this product has not only grown my lashes well, I’ve noticed my eyelashes are now naturally starting to curl at the end which is incredible . I basically feel like I have lash extensions on 24/7.


(Picture is my eyelashes before using the eyelash Serum)

So during my nightly skincare routine I always remember to apply this product as well as my Epibrow Brow Serum. The eyelash Serum comes in a small cute tube, which is a really tiny brush which allows you to properly get to the root of your eyelashes. I simply add a few lines of the liquid along the roots of my eyelashes and the same goes with the bottom lash line. Make sure you do this every night for 4 weeks, after this process is done have 4 weeks break and then reapply the whole process again for 4 weeks. 


(Eyelashes in week 3 of the 4 week process)

My lashes are now completely thicker, fuller and longer with so much volume. I’m completely in love with my lashes at this stage. I am also so excited to carry on until the end of my 4 weeks growth process.
I would recommend using both the Eyebrow and Eyelashes serums from Epibrow – totally worth it. 

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***This collaboration is gifted but please be aware my opinions are completely true and my own****

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