The Everything Brush Review – Luxe Studio 

Does anyone else struggle finding the perfect makeup brush set? I’m always trying new and different brushes which makes it harder to find my favourite one suitable for my skin. I definitely think with makeup brushes you either love or hate them, there’s no in between.

Some makeup brushes I hate because instead of actually blending the product, the brush drags the product which makes it bitty and flakey.

When buying makeup brushes, other than the price the design and softness of the brush is so important. Everyone relates to this. I’ve recently been trying Luxe Studio brushes, these aren’t ordinary brushes they are even better.


K1 The Everything Brush 

Yes, you heard me these brushes work for anything whether it’s, face liquid, face powder, eye makeup and even skincare. This is pretty much every girls dream to find every application in one brush.

Luxe Studio sent me 7x and 6x brushes which work as a duo, the difference between these two brushes is one has a smaller head which is great to reaching to corners and eye makeup.


For skincare I tend to use both brushes, this is so easy for blending the makeup in – I simply apply the product in the center of my brush to then massage the product all over my face. To massage all over I use the 7x brush as it will be quicker to blend being a bigger brush. I use the 6x brush to get through the corners and in and around my eye.

Powder/Foundation – Brush 7x

Honestly, at the start I didn’t believe these makeup brushes could work on liquid and powder cosmetics, it doesn’t just seem right. To apply the foundation and applying the powder is exactly the same process. Making sure the product is on the brush and apply to face using sweeping motions. When I apply my foundation/powder i only tend to use the 7x brush.


Contour – 7x brush 

Using this brush for contour is mainly for the dark parts of your contour. Making sure it’s all blended in is so important. Again, put the product on the brush and blend the product thoroughly.

Eyeshadow – Luxe Studio 6x

You definitely need to use the smaller head brush for your eyeshadow. Trying to blend your eyeshadow with a big brush will be very difficult and will probably blend way to much.

Blend the product evenly from the outer and the inner corners of the eye using back and forth.


These brushes are brilliant to use, I find it best to use when travelling purely because all you really need are these brushes as they help do all your makeup. They are super soft and manage to blend my makeup perfectly – I’d definitely recommend getting yourself some Luxe Studio makeup brushes. They even sell them in boots which is amazing.

Did I forget to mention? They are ROSE GOLD! 

I’ve linked below where you can purchase your own Luxe Studio Makeup Brushes!

Grab your Luxe Studio K1 Duo Set from Boots for £18.00!

Have you ever tried Luxe Studio makeup brushes? Whats your thoughts?! Id love to know!

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