Learning To Love Yourself and Being Confident 

Just to enlighten you on my current situation – I am currently writing this on the plane, slightly tipsy, in my slippers.. so why not write this post now?!
Another point about me writing this now is whilst being tipsy on a plane in my slippers, I am also wearing no makeup except eyelashes and I tell you know I have never felt so comfortable. It’s one of the first times I’ve felt that confident in myself I can wear hardly any makeup whilst looking scruffy AF.

This post is all about how I managed to grow my confidence and love myself for who I am – I’m hoping a lot of you can relate to this post but the girls that can’t I hope this blog post helps you to see yourself in a better way and how beautiful you really are – no matter who or what tells you different.

Being confident has always been a down fall for me, people who know me 100% know im definitely not the most confident person – I tend to pretend I’m confident more than I am. Being confident isn’t just how you come across to others, more importantly it’s about how you feel inside. I’ve always been very lucky throughout my school/college years – I’ve always had a tight net of friends, even when those friendships deteriorated, I know they’ll always have my back. 

I’ve always been someone who takes a step back and watches everything unfold. I’ve never been properly confrontational, I used to hate arguments considering I was always around that high school drama. The start of me getting my full confidence back – I had to change the way I was to be my own person. A lot of people who knew me throughout my high school life, would know I’m used to be that girl that follows people, (the sheep they call it) – I was so involved with what everyone was doing that I had to do it too and I used to love drama too, which isn’t great. Being a follower didn’t apply to everything / for example all my friends smoked or ‘socially smoked’ and I’m 18 years old and to this day I’ve never tried a cigarette. Impressive, I know – but it shouldn’t be. So obviously to start being more confident I had to become my own person. This is hugely important considering I wanted to be apart of the fashion industry – everyone is so diverse and being a follower wasn’t the best start.

For me becoming more confident and independent was so easy to do when I got the chance to leave high school. I could of so easily took the easy way out and studied a levels like majority of everyone else. But no your girl went to college to study fashion – ON MY OWN. I’ve always found it’s easy to make friends with people – even if leaving high school properly meant loosing contact with pretty much everyone – I was so prepared to do it to kick start my dream career and become a better me. 

Going to college was definitely the best thing I ever did. I’ve literally met some of the best people, who bring out the best in me. Honestly, I wouldn’t of ever started this blog if I kept doing a levels – going to college gave me the confidence to start a blog. I managed to start exploring different styles and the people I’ve met are so diverse and exactly what I needed to become myself. 

Over the past year and half of blogging I have learnt so much about skincare and how to keep my skin looking healthy. I’ve been sent completely natural free skincare products and not so natural skincare products. This has allowed me to experiment and research different products best for my skin. Finally, finding my skin care guru has made my skin look so healthy and glowy, this has made me feel so much better about myself when wearing makeup and without. 

There are many ways to help make you feel more confident and love yourself for who you are. All that’s written above is ways that have helped me and how I’ve become more confident through life’s natural nature. 

So this is my ultimate guide to loving yourself for who you are and being more confident.

1. Find something you struggle being confident with and work on it. 

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, have the confidence to do it or at least try it. You are amazing, you CAN do this!  

2. Heathy Skin, Heathy Ora

This is so important, it makes me feel incredible when my skin and hair is in good condition, I instantly feel so confident. I must say, in one of my last posts I reviewed some products from Sensse Beauty and honestly my skin has completely changed since using it. (This is NOT an add!) I use the facial cleansing brush everyday day and the hot and Cool Facial Bar once or twice a week. Along with my moisturiser, facial creams and facial masks. My skin is looking as good as ever. I recommend drinking plenty of water a day, water is literally one of my favourite drinks – I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my skin and hair condition since drinking water.

3. Positivity 

If you constantly compare yourself to other people you will definitely not find the benefit. Comparing yourself to others will only get you down more and more each day. Everyone is equal, don’t think people are better than you as you will start believing it. Personally, when I’m all around negative people it does annoy me, as I’m quite positive and loud, so when someone’s negative it literally just kills the mood. It eventually got to the point where I’ve had to cut some negative people out my life. Be positive about yourself and your life, will push you to mentally believe in your self.

4. Love your flaws 

No ones perfect everyone has flaws, so why wouldn’t you use your flaws to the best advantage? Being negative about your flaws is only going to get you down, but your flaws make you, you. It’s whats all together makes you beautiful in your own way.
Being and feeling confident can be so hard to do when you’re not feeling yourself. No ones perfect and everyone has good days and bad days – but you’ve just got to remember you are beautiful in your own way. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post as much I’ve enjoyed writing it. Even if this blog post helps only one person I’ll be so happy and pleased. 

I know I’m no expert, If you ever want to talk or just in need of some advice, I’m available anytime through all social media or email me at chelsod@hotmail.co.uk. 

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  1. I really feel like you are writing about me 😀 not really confident, college friends amazing! EVERYTHING! And you look stunning btw! Yellow is really your colour 😀 Would you mind check out my page? If you want we can follow each other and be internet friends!
    Love, Mimi


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