Curling My Way Into Autumn With XTAVA Curlers

Hey everyone,

I hope you have all had a fabulous week. As you’ve probably noticed I have been MIA – this is because I’ve been so busy with organising moving to university and seeing all my friends, Instagram has been stressing me out as well, the engagement is so poor because of the way instagram rules are. If you’re a blogger, you know! However, yay i am back to normal working on my blog – I have quite a few posts scheduled too.

This blog post is a gifted review and its one of my favourites yet! So i was sent these fabulous hair curlers from Xtava. If you follow me on my social media channels you’ll know I have recently cut all my hair off really short, when i first got it cut, i literally used to curl it every day. This was such a pain, but I think with curlers you can either love them or hate them. I’ve used these curlers twice now, since getting them in the post and I’ve had so many compliments since curling my hair again, this actually shows how much the curls stayed in my hair.


I think some girls can relate, i hope. My hair literally hates being curly literally when its nice and curled, the minute i walked outside I literally look dreadful. My hair goes completely flat and flicky – I hate it! Even with a can of hairspray in my hair it just doesn’t like it. Honestly, its probably down to how damaged my hair really is!

On average with these curlers it takes me around 30 minutes to curl all my hair, I will either curl in layer by layer with different strands of hair. Another way I curl my hair is putting it all up in a high pony tail and curl it while its up. This creates quite a wavy and loose curled hair style, its so much quicker to do too!

So what makes these curlers so good?

To start with, the actual curling wand itself starts thin and eventually goes quite thick – this is good purely because you can decided yourself how big or small you want the actual curls. I tend to start at the top of the hair with the curls being quite big and loose then at the end small and tight curls.

Before.. aka very crazy hair, beware.



Adjusting the temperature of the curlers is also so important for your hair and the condition of it. The curlers go up to 210°C, which is easily adjusted by the dial buttons on there. In the box you’ll also receive a guide book, telling you all the information about the curls and the safety warnings you need to know. What i found interesting is the guide, it actually tells you about what temperature to use on your hair type.

It states…

Hair Type: Delicate, thin hair. Temperature: Low 80°C – 123°C.

Hair Type: Normal Hair. Temperature: Medium 123°C – 166°C

Hair Type: Thick, Coarse Hair. Temperature: High/Max 166°C – 210°C

I mean I didn’t know this, I’ve been using 210°C, I actually think now thats quite bad! Opps, no wonder my hair is so damaged. But these curlers make my hair look so damn good – so why not!

I always style my curly hair, one of two ways.

The classic half up and half down look. (sometimes in a top knot)

Not going to lie, if you know me, you’d this is pretty much my signature hairstyle.


Or maybe just shove a Bandanna in my hair?


The packaging was so good, it was beautifully boxed up together. It comes in a normal card outer box, with another box inside which wraps close with a magnet. Inside the box, you will find the curlers wrapped in a zipped bag, the information guide and the glove. Yes thats write, you get a heat protection glove. This for me was amazing, I so needed one considering I literally burn myself with my curlers daily – so annoying!


EVEN BETTER... these curlers are SO affordable! They are only £20.00! I would most definitely go and get yourself some. They are so good.

Actually… How would you like to win some curlers for yourself?!

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