September Madness

So you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been very MIA throughout September. I’ve had such a busy and exciting month, which hasn’t  even finished yet! So first I turned 19… which I have celebrated for a whole month with friends and family. More importantly I’m moving to university today, so it means I’ve had to literally pack my life up and buy so much, I’ve had to meet everyone I know to say my goodbyes. This month has just been so hectic for me, I have hardly been on Instagram or blogged at all – I’ve hardly answered emails either. Having a month off was actually so nice and relaxing.

I haven’t had a break from blogging since January when I started, it was very well needed. Having a break yourself can be so good for you, it’s let me come back with a full head of ideas and ready to get my blogging game back to where it was. Personally for me, it’s helped as I got stuck with the shadow ban, you know how it feels! 

Now I am finally back on the blogging game and working on my Instagram. I will be cutting it down to one blog post a week and leaving my YouTube to the side for a bit, whilst I start university and get grips on the new University life. Obviously freshers is going to be keeping me very busy in the next week or so. 

I very much am definitely taking advantage of my new fashion marketing course and the fact I’m going to be in a city, to find beautiful locations to shoot photos for my blog and Instagram. 

I’m SO excited to be starting university today, I feel like it’s my change to become totally independent and being in a new city on my own is such good way to reinvent myself and totally kick start my career, which I’m so happy about!!

OUTFIT DETAILS — All New Look Fashion. 

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  1. Belated happy birthday and congratulations on starting Uni! Yeah, we all need that break once in a while. I’m sure you will have so many new and exciting things to blog about now!

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