Healthy Skin with Indeed Laboratories 

You all already know my love for skin care and keeping my skin healthy as ever, so whenever I get the chance to try new skincare products, I will always say yes. 
Indeed Laboratories got in contact with me to send me some skin care products, I didn’t know much about the brand and what products I was being sent until they arrived. 

I was sent a hydraluron moisture jelly which i was so intrigued to try. I’ve never used a jelly substance of skincare before, but i was quite impressed with and it’s definitely not as oily as thought it would be. The pot the product comes in is so cute, I’m literally obsessed with it – it’s a little glass pot with a press down lid with the product coming through the middle. I’ve used this product for a week or so now, twice a day, my skin feels so smooth and clean. I only apply a very small size every morning and every night which covers my whole face, I would assume this product would last for a long time. 

I’m very impressed with this product in particular as it’s made my skin feel so healthy and helped to reduce my blemishes for some reason, it’s completely made me skin look as glowy as ever. I would recommend this to ALL of you. The product is also only £24.99 and can be purchased at boots!

The other product that was sent to me was called Retinol Reface skin resurfacant, this product is used for fine lines and wrinkles – bringing that young and healthy glow back into your skin. It’s provides loads of vitamin A which is great for cleaning your skin. Again, this makes my skin feel really smooth and I completely love how clean and healthy my skin looks in the morning. I apply this product nightly so it works overnight – I would definitely recommend both these products. You can get this product from boots for only £19.99.

Even better to this… It’s 3 for 2 at boots right now, so definitely would recommend getting your hands on this now!

Have you ever used Indeed Labs? If so, I’d love to hear what you think?! 

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