Reviewing Homeware from Vremi 

I’ve never really reviewed homeware items before, but I’m definitely up for the challenge. I have been given some ice cube trays and a whistling kettle from Vremi, which is very different to my usual blog posts but it’s good to experiment now and then. 

I’ve always loved making ice cubes, like most girls everyone’s got a flower and heart ice cube tray. Nothing better then drinking your rose wine with heart shaped ice cubes! I’ve always thought as well what’s the point in buying ice when you can make them at home for free?! 

When receiving some ice cube trays I was getting SO excited, ( doubt you’ve ever seen someone so excited about ice cube trays, I’m a strange one.) I got sent a blue and green ice tray which have 21 one ice slots, I could make 42 ice cubes literally over night for free.. so why wouldn’t you?! To you right now, this probably doesn’t sound exciting whatsoever… but there is one particular reason why I love these so much… they have A LID!

 This is so different, well to me anyway I’ve never seen ice cube trays with a lid before! Having a lid also makes the ice cubes very hygienic, which is great! The amount of times I’ve filled previous trays up with water and pretty much spill the whole water out by the time I reach the freezer, not fun! This doesn’t happen now, I simply fill and place the lid on top which creates perfect ice cubes over night, after they have turned to ice cubes it so easy to get them out from the tray, you simply just press underneath and they slide right out! 

So if you’re like me and LOVE making cute ice cubes or even flavoured ice cubes, I’d definitely recommend getting yourself some ice cubes trays for $18.00 from or if you feel like winning some, make sure to follow my giveaway below! 

Honestly, I’ve never used a whistling kettle before I was so intrigued to try it! I assume this was the type of kettle they used to use when they had no electricity back in the day. This kettle is so cute and small, it’s so easy to carry around and definitely something I’d take camping, as really all you need is heat to get it going. Not going to lie when I first used it the whistling part made me jump so bad, I wasn’t expecting it at all! This kettle is also great for keeping the water warm after boiling it, it stays warm for quite a while like a teapot so you can constantly keep toping up your coffee kick. 

The kettle makes up to 8 cups of tea at a time, which is perfect for the whole family to have a round or two. 

It’s definitely worth getting this kettle for the whole family to share, it’s only $22.00 too, from!

Fancy winning your own kettle and pair of ice trays?

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