Adding that extra winter sparkle with Roxanne Nails

Following on after my Roxanne Nails summer collection review which was so on trend and I loved them all! Luckily enough i was sent their winter collection too, which I’m so happy about and thrilled to review these colours for Roxanne nails. 

So from their summer collection back in July, I was sent Off to Jamaica and Violets are blue which I wore a lot through summer – check my full blog post review all about their summer collection here!

Now we are pretty much approaching the winter, especially with these crazy winds and gloomy nights, even so I’ve started wearing my winter coat! I’ve been so happy that I’ve received more nail polishes which are so perfect for the winter season! 

Roxanne Nails sent me the three colours from their winter collection which are;

Stormy Weather (13) – I have this shade on my nails literally as we speak as it’s my ultimate favourite from the collection and goes perfectly with absolutely everything. This shade i would say is like a lightish grey which is perfect for the fall. 

Expensive Taste (15) – This colour is pretty much described as how it’s in the name. Definitely a shade I would tend to wear out to a Christmas meal or definitely the New Year’s Eve party shade, I’m so obsessed and it’s beautiful! It’s a very dark purple/ brown and comes out gorgeous on my nails. 

Wine and Dine (26) – this shade is so cute to wear on a evening meal or date, it’s perfect to match with an all black / dark outfit to add a slash of elegant colour. It’s quite a dark pinky shade, which again is so gorgeous! 

These are all the colours I’ve received and I am so utterly thrilled with all of them, they all look so beautiful for the winter. The nail polishes as a whole dry ever so quickly and have a gorgeous shiny glow after being dried up. They last a while without chipping as well, which is even better. 

All the nail polishes from Roxanne Campbell are only £10 and you can even buy them all on a package deal, so I would definitely go check it out on their website and get your winter shades at the ready! 

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