Change in Direction

Hi guys, 

So obviously  I have been very distant from my social media and blog recently, I’ve spoken about this a lot and reasons of why this is. But as I show you all a lot of my personal life on my blog I thought I’d update you about my current situation, so I’ve recently taken a massive step back and changed direction on what I want to do right now. 

As you are all aware I moved up to Nottingham University to study fashion marketing and branding, looking back at this I don’t think I had researched as much I should of done when looking at courses I wanted to do. I travelled up to Nottingham moved in my flat and it was a lovely flat and even better flat mates. Everyone was so hyped and excited, but as the next few days went I literally wasn’t enjoying myself like everyone else was and don’t get me wrong I’m not the type of person to give up but you know when something is not right for yourself. 
So I  had a big think about re-evaluating my life and at that moment in time I didn’t want to be at University living away from home just yet. So I basically held on to the hope that my course would make me change my mind, but it was not for me and trying to work out what I wanted, this wasn’t it. I wish I researched it more. 

University isn’t for everyone.

After all this, and a few weeks of stress and being ill with freshers flu (believe it or not ) i have finally moved back home and I’m so much happier now. I’m still doing my degree in my town, as well as working back at retail in an Outfit store. I think it’s good as well that most of my mates are at university so I can concentrate on myself whilst I work and study my degree.

Alongside this, I have this blog which has been a godsend and I love it, I’m so excited to be getting stuck back into it properly with a new blog post every Wednesday and Sunday. I know I have a little bit of growing to do to get my stats back to where they were, even if the Instagram engagement kills me, I’ll do it! I just want to say thankyou for all the support since I’ve been MIA slightly, for everyone’s that still constantly likes and comments on my Instagram / blog and all the brands that I’ve worked with so far throughout my blogging experience! 

I’m so exited to find more bloggers and hear their stories and as well work with more brands I come across, everything is really appreciated!

Chelsey Ocean x 

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