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The past few weeks I have been completely rushed off my feet with university work, work and writing up a load of blog posts. I have definitely been in need of a well deserved pampering session and me time, which is exactly what I’ve been doing today… a day full of Netflix, face masks, chocolate and my bed, can you think of anything better? I can’t!

Face masks are my favourite application to use for my skin, I find they help my skin SO much, as you all already know I am obsessed with keeping my skin healthy and clean, I must have tried literally 100 different face masks, some better than others. When using face masks, I will always look for detox & purify and glow masks, using all these together makes my skin looks as clean and healthy as ever. Don’t forget to drink a load of water!! 

A brand called YESto approached me to send me some of their face masks, and of course I’m not going to say no. The part I was more excited about is one of their face masks they sent me is a sleeping mask?! Never heard of anything like it – but I was so intrigued to try it!

YESto is a brand that creates all types of skin care and face masks, who say YES to products 100% free from toxic ingredients and the products have 95% of natural, free of parbens and made with recyclable materials. The brand is very fun and quirky, bound to make you smile.

They sent me two completely different face masks, one being a Moisturizing powder-to-clay mask and the other being the soothing sleeping mask.

Moisturizing powder-to-clay mask

I used this mask today and I really enjoyed making and applying the mask. You’re probably thinking, making the mask? but yes, its a DIY mask and so fun to make.

Inside the face mask package you get given; a mixing bowl, spoon and a little sachet of clay powder. Its so simple to create, you simply put the powder sachet in the mixing bowl and pour water up to the fill line, stir. Apply to your face and leave for 10 – 20 mins.

This particular face masks is used for moisturizing your skin, however what I love about this face masks is you can customize it to what you would like it to do to your skin by adding your special ingredient in the clay mixture.

To help smooth your skin – – – add honey

For vitamin C & radiance boost – – – add orange juice 

To help energise tired skin – – – add lemon 

To help nourish skin – – – add avocado 

To help reduce redness – – – add green tea  

For my personal paste mask I decided to add honey to mine, as I love my skin to be super smooth and it definitely did the job! I kept the mask on for 20 minutes as I wanted the full effect of the mask working. My skin feels so smooth and has given me an natural glow, the face mask was so easy to apply and get off. 

Soothing Calming Sleeping Mask

This face mask is even more easy to apply, by simply applying the product all over your face and you sleep with the face mask on, when you wake up you simply just rinse it all. 

You’re probably thinking, ‘sleeping in a face mask? Surely it goes all over your bed’ but not at all is this the case. The mask in general is more a cream based substance and soaks into your skin over the time it’s on your face, I nearly forgot I had it on the morning! 

It honestly did my skin the world of good, it made me feel so refreshed and ready to power through the day ahead, it removes my skin from being so blotchy too.

I would recommend these facemasks completely, they work their magic and really compliment your skin.

You can purchase these from either Asos or even better, they can be purchased from boots and Superdrug. The masks range from about £2.99 – £5.00. 

Have you tried YESto facemasks? If so, I’d love to know what you think about them? 

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