Finding the perfect Christmas gift with Presitge Hampers 

It’s finally November which means SANTA IS COMING and it’s most definitely on everyone’s radar so you’ll have to enjoy this Christmas themed blog post… I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t started Christmas shopping yet! Christmas is the best time of the year, (sorry to all the grinches out there) no better way to celebrate the end of another year with a load of food, family and the festive spirit everyone has. 

Christmas hampers are such a good idea for a Christmas gift they are such a good idea especially if you will be shopping last minute (like me.) But you’ve got to admit we all have that friend that’s so hard to buy for, a hamper is perfect for that one person!

Even better, I have the perfect Christmas themed pampers just for you from Prestige Hampers, they have such a brilliant selection and they are packaged so beautifully. Presitge Hampers very kindly sent me my own luxury Christmas styled hamper and I was in love. 

My luxury hamper came in the cutest brown basket filled with brown straw – this basket is called ‘Feliz Navdid’ all about the celebration of Christmas. 

My luxury prestige hamper contains:

– Santa Shortbreads – These were literally divine, butter shortbreads are my favourite anyway, but in the shape of Christmas characters even better!

– Iced Gingerbread Santa – I literally ate this straight away as it tastes so good, it’s so seasonal to Christmas!

– Spiced Ginger Biscuits – I loved the packaging for these biscuits the tin case is so cute and they taste even better! 

– Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding – I’ve never been keen on Christmas puddings at all, which is probably quite bad to a lot of you – but with this in mind I really enjoyed the taste, heated up with cream or custard was amazing!

– Cherry and Almond Christmas Cake – Anything cherry based I find so yummy, a Christmas cake covered in cherries and almonds though was amazing!

– Tiptree Hot Mango Chutney – I have a weakness for mango chutney it’s so tasty especially with Indian food. I liked this one a lot, as it was very tasty with abit spice.

– Tiptree Raspberry Preserve – I think most people love good quality jam, you can definitely taste the difference, it’s so delicious!

– Tiptree Orange Marmalade – I’m not a huge fan of marmalade, so my family tasted  it and commented on how sweet it was which made it extra tasty.

What a selection for the perfect Christmas gift, its great for the whole family or even for you to eat on your own…(just like me, eating the ginger biscuits as we speak. It’s all so yummy and I’m now so excited for Christmas. 

You can purchase this particular hamper here and did I mention it’s only £29.99?! 

Check out Prestige Hampers WHOLE Christmas range from here and get your Christmas shopping started…!!  

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