Capturing Your Winter Scent with Impulse Fragrances 

Nothing more exciting when a well known perfume brand brings out brand new fragrances, even better when the new smells are so perfect for autumn and winter. This is exactly what Impulse has done, they have released 5 new fragrances which sound and smell incredible.

Before I can tell you what they are all called… can we just take a moment to look at Impulses new packaging. OH MY, they look so pretty which makes them so much appealing to buy. They are all in plastic bottles ( which are literally double the size of the old ones ), they are all see through and have such a pretty pattern for each scent!

Okay, so are you ready, the new incredible scents are… Burnt Marshmellow & Leather Jacket, Purple Petals & Smoky Sky, Tropical Beach & Expresso, Whipped Cream & Microchip and White Lace & Muddy Grass. These smells are literally so on trend and relevant to the colder weather just by their name, and honestly they smell better than they sound! 

Impulse very kindly sent me White Lace & Muddy Grass and Whipped Cream & Mircochip… they both smell so amazing, I’ve already had so many people state how amazing it smells and it lasts for ages too!

These impulse sprays are so perfect for your Christmas stocking fillers or even so for you to change up your winter scent! 

Purchase these today at Superdrug for only £6.99 each! 

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