Collecting my winter wardrobe together with London Rag 

Happy 5th November everyone, I hope you all are celebrating with loads of fireworks and cute outfits… with today being Bonfire night it makes it feel so closer to Christmas now!

The cold weather is now here, I’m currently sat in bed with loads of layers on and a massive cup of coffee while it’s about 1 Degree outside. Nevertheless I am so excited for the cold weather to get colder and to start wearing cute bobble hats and gloves, yay! Ahh I’ve got the Christmas vibe already so much. 

It’s that time of the month when I am currently switching my summer wardrobe to my warm knits and cosy coats. I am loving this season, as it’s the season to wear boots of all kind! Cosy Jumpers and High Boots is the vibe right now.

London Rag completely treated me with sending me few items to help my winter wardrobe come together. I must say I was in love with everything on their website and it was so hard to choose some items! One of my outfits is perfect for Bonfire Night and you need to see it!

They kindly sent me two jumpers, some boots and a handbag. I genuinely can’t get over how amazing the outfits look together and I’ve had SO many people say how much they like what I’m wearing, mainly when I’ve been wearing items from London Rag. I spent a while shooting for this collaboration with London Rag, so all the looks are shown below with all the links to where you can get everything from. 

All Outfit Links 
Velvet Jumper Dress – this is so perfect for Bonfire Night with tights and cute boots. I tend to also wear these with jeans as well.

Pink & White Jumper – I’m so obsessed with this one, it’s warm and so flattering with boots and trainers.

Black Heeled Boots – These boots are so cute, they are ridiculously comfy and are so flattering.

Ring Detailed Bag – I’ve wanted a bag like this for SO long, it’s such a stylish bag. It’s got two different straps too! 

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