How To Style Popper Trousers with Missguided

With red being so hot right now for this season I thought I’d show you my new red popper styled trousers, and how I wear them casually with a pair of trainers and how a pair of heels can make them look super classy and party ready!

I like to think I can be quite bold when experimenting with different styles, even if they turn me into looking like a walking potato.. at least I tried! These red trousers were definitely a risk, mainly on the fact I’m definitely not the tallest person, so I pictured them literally drowning me. Alongside this, with them being a bright bold red shade, I was anxious they’d be too much. What am I going on about… too much? I’m currently sat here with my red trousers on, a red puffer jacket and red lipstick, and now I’m definitely stressed if it’s too much! Anyway, back to the subject of the trousers, I was going to originally buy them in the black with the white stripes down the side, playing it safe! These were out of stock at the time, this forced me to get the red trousers and I’m so glad I did! I am 100% going to go back and get the black ones too, if missguided are still stocking them!

When the trousers came, I was so excited to get them on! I was so surprised with them, they are so flattering on my figure, even with me being short they made my legs look naturally a lot longer. Having the poppers down the side help as well, as you can flash a bit of skin to make them look slightly more stylish. My personal preference I always make sure I have 3-4 poppers undone at the side, it makes it look flattering but not too much at the same time.

Casual Style

I’m quite a casual person, I’d definitely take a pair of trainers and jeans, any day over heels and a skirt. To style these up on a casual look, I styled these trousers with a Red Puffer Jacket, a white tee (which has red writing, so they relate together) and my Adidas white/black superstars. This outfit is so comfy and stylish, even though you probably can see me from a mile away all in red, I’m obsessed with this look for this season!

Dress It Up’

I have worn these trousers on several nights out now, and all I’ve had is compliments! They are very classy but still quite dressy, when matched with heels and jewellery. I styled this look with small block heels and a mesh top on top of a black plain vest top for this shoot. When I am actually on a night out I always tend to wear a bra-let under the mesh top inside of a vest top! The mesh top I’ll slightly tie to make it tight around my waist!

Outfit details below

Red Popper Trousers – Missguided (couldn’t find the exact one, linked some similar)

Mesh Top – Missguided

Red Puffer Jacket – New Look

Trainers – Adidas Superstars

Block Heels – Primark

When I purchased these red popper trousers, I also came across poppers trousers in a culotte style, which were very intriguing… I had to buy them! I haven’t seen many people wearing these ones, so I thought I’d purchase as they were on a cheaper deal!

I styled these trousers as an outfit I’d probably go on a shopping trip in, they are so comfy and so stylish.

I styled this one again, with the mesh tied top, small block boots and thrown it on with a denim jacket. I am so obsessed with this look and these trousers, I think they are so classy!

Outfit Details Below

Culotte Popper Trousers – Missguided

Mesh Top – Missguided

Denim Jacket – Missy Empire

Boots – Primark

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