Why you need to invest in some wet look leather leggings this season

As we are on the subject of Christmas and next week we will be whipping out our advert calendars, I thought I’d show you a cute stylish yet so Christmassy outfit I put together. I wore it for my towns light switch on which it was perfect for, this outfit is so perfect to wear on a night out too, now it’s getting colder. Just chuck a pair of red or black heels on and you are good to go! The leather leggings especially are what dresses this outfit up completely!

When buying leather leggings I always pictured them looking ridiculous on and I always think about how much of a pain they are to get on and off, especially when you’re hot and sweaty. However, on the other hand they are so in trend right now and essential to have this season, just swapping your average everyday jeans for your leather leggings can totally bring more style and life to your outfit.

A brand called Caris Closet approached me to send me an item of clothing, I noticed they had a pair of leather leggings on their website so I took the risk of getting some. I was so excited for them to arrive. I must say… the packaging was incredible. I was so happy with the leggings and amazed how amazing they fit on me, compared to how I thought they’d fit. I mean if I was ever so slightly taller they’d fit perfect but even with them ruffled slightly they still look great on! After wearing the leggings a few times I realised I loved the fact inside the leggings it was layered with soft material – this allowed me to get the leggings on and off so easily without them sticking to me and kept me so warm all night!

You definitely need to get yourself some leather leggings this season.

I styled these wet look leather leggings with the most gorgeous black glittered jumper from Topshop and studded biker boots from Missguided. The perfect winter outfit.

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