Tan Out of Ten by Technic Cosmetics

You all know my obsessive love for fake tan, so here comes another fake tan post. I must admit since the weather has gone colder I haven’t put fake tan on in a while but it’s felt good being tanned again. I have a few Christmas parties and nights out coming up very soon so experimenting with different fake tans is the perfect time.

Technic Cosmetics which I must say is one of my favourite makeup brands, have made their own fake tan collection called ‘Tan out of Ten’ … I mean how exciting!

Tan out of Ten

In their new gorgeous tanning range they are currently offering 5 products:

Flash Bronze Mousse – This is a fast developing self Tan Mousse which develops fully in 4 Hours.

Self Tan Lotion – This comes in medium and dark shades which is an instant colour and lasts for 7 days.

Instant Tan in Matte – This one is a tanning gel which is instant and washes off so easy.

Instant Tan Shimmer – This is an instant tanning gel which has a gorgeous sparkle, perfect for your Christmas party!

Technic Cosmetics kindly sent me three sachets of the Dark Self Tan lotion to review for you, I must say I am very impressed.

First of all, I only used one and a half of the sachets which is brilliant to show you only need the smallest bit of tan and it’s still full coverage. I found it so easy to apply and blend into my skin. The smell of the tan in my opinion was lovely and very coconut like. A lot of people can be very funny about the smell of fake tan, but I can assure you this tan does NOT smell like biscuits.

To be honest it only smelt when I was applying the tan, now I’ve showered it smells of nothing.

I found the tan developed so quickly which has developed to a gorgeous natural glowing tan. The tan says it was the ‘dark’ shade – personally i normally have my tan a lot darker which is probably too much to other people. I’ve had a lot of compliments today about my tan, which shows other people definitely are noticing the power of Tan out of Ten. The tan says it lasts 7 days in total and I’ve only had it on for 2-3 days, with having a shower everyday the tan hasn’t faded or gone flakey at all, it’s still very much showing full thick coverage.

I am definitely going to be adding this to the top of my list of tans to invest in, I will eventually buy some more of this tan as I actually like it more than I thought!

It’s the perfect Christmas gift, I know I’d definitely appreciate it as one. The best part is you can purchase these from Xtras, Amazon, Boohoo, Fragrance Direct, and GlitterStore. The prices range from £7.00-£12.99 which is so affordable and worth the price – plus it’s Black Friday in 2 days so the perfect time to get shopping.

Don’t forget to grab yours and join in on #tanthursday tomorrow!

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