What Christmas means to me

Oh my… it’s the 1st December and I’m SO excited! This also means it’s time for blogmas, which I’ll be doing but not everyday. Unfortunately working in retail for me is the best and worst around Christmas time, it means I’m crazy busy and with university deadlines on top of this. So I won’t have time to write blog posts for everyday – my blogmas is going to run from two blogs posts a week. I currently post Sunday, Wednesday and Friday – I’ll be dedicating Sunday and Friday to Christmas blog posts and Wednesday to fashion and collaboration posts.

So to kick off blogmas, whilst I reveal the first opening on my advent calendar I will be giving you an insight into what Christmas means to me.

When it comes to Christmas or any occasion for that matter I will go all out with celebrations, parties and festive vibes. But nevertheless Christmas is for me the best month of the year, it’s full of so much happiness and love. Christmas to me (apart from all the presents,haha) is all about spending quality time with friends and family – following years of old traditions. Starting with this weekend, our tradition on the first weekend of December is always to put up all our Christmas decorations with major Christmas music and vibes. What are your Christmas traditions?!

It’s a time I look forward to all year round, seeing loved ones happy and giving them presents that make their christmas. Especially with working in retail apart from all the hours and crazy shifts… everyone’s sprits are so high and filled with joy – customers and colleagues and I absolutely love it.

What does Christmas mean to you? I’d love to know all about your traditions and favourite things about this festive time?

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