Fuel for Sport for Active People

As Christmas is getting closer, everyday is getting busier. I’m having to balance work, University Work, going the gym, a social life and writing material for all of you – in result of this, I haven’t been eating regular meals so my diet is all up in the air. I always cave in for having a ready meal which we all know is not the healthiest at all and after 1 hour I’m still hungry.

I’ve been hearing about a company called ‘Fuel for Sport‘ a lot recently on my social media. I must say, the whole concept behind their brand is very good – they produce healthy nutritious ready meals primarily aimed at active sports people. They provide core nutrition requirements to create a balanced diet in just one meal.

Fuel for Sport offer a wide variety of different meals so you will definitely find one you will enjoy. Each ready meal is filled with lots of flavour making them so tasty. I must admit my all time favourite part about these ready meals is they can be eaten hot or cold – which is amazing if you don’t have time to warm them up (like me), you can simply open the packet and dig in to your delicious meal. Every meal is an ordinary meal you’d eat on a daily basis too – This is brilliant as it means you don’t have to change your daily diet to eat around these meals.

Just wait, until you hear about these amazing ready meal names:

Chicken and Tomato Curry with Rice small cut chicken breast pieces with a delicious curry sauce and long grain rice.

Chilli & Rice – Ground Beef in a spicy tomato, red pepper, onion, kidney and adzuki bean sauce with long grain rice. (I’m obsessed with this one)

Mexican Tuna Pasta– Flaked Tuna in a tomato, yellow pepper, onion, garlic and cannellini bean sauce with penne pasta.

Thai Chicken Curry with Rice – Tender Chicken Breast marinated in a thai style red curry sauce with red peppers and hint of chilli.

Turkey Meatballs and PastaGround Turkey Meatballs in a rich garlic and basil tomato sauce with wholewheat pasta.

Each of these delicious meals are only £5.00 each. Please see, introductory offers that are currently available.

The meals don’t have to be kept refrigerated and have a 12 month shelf life, so you better get stocking up, in time for your new year and getting that summer body into action.

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