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I’ve always been a fan of revolution makeup for a long time, when I brought my very first highlighter which was from Revolution and I continued to buy from Revolution. Through Black Friday I wanted to buy a beauty advent calendar, but after looking through different ones I was so invested in the Revolution Christmas gifts. I purchased the 12 days of Christmas box – I wanted to dedicate this blog post to this product purely because I have been so utterly impressed with this product, especially with it being currently £40, which is so good because it’s worth £60.00 at full price. You get A LOT for what you pay and I’d totally recommend it for the perfect Christmas gift!

The 12 days of Christmas makeup box contains 12 insane products and I’m in love with everyone – here is a full list and descriptions of each product.

l. Aqua Priming Base – A perfect way to start your makeup by using this Priming spray, it completely stops sweating coming through your makeup. I always find my makeup is on for ages when I use this alongside the setting spray.

2. Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray – As I mention previously this is so good at keeping your makeup on for a long duration of time. I simply spray it three times just before leaving the house and it’s perfect to last all day.

3. Focus & Fix Eye primer – I’ve used this product serval times now, I feel like it’s very good for putting under my eyeshadow but just remember to make sure it’s completely soaked into your skin before applying eyeshadow as I found it went quite bitty.

4. Ultra Nudes 2018 gloss set – Ok, I am obsessed with these lip glosses and with them being a nude colour they are even better. They all range in slightly different shades but are Natural and long lasting.

5. Ultra Strobe Balm Palette – For some reason I left this product for a little bit until I used it, which was because I didn’t read it to realise what these actually did. I was curious and experimented with these and I haven’t stopped using it since, over my lipsticks. It just adds that slight glow and texture to my lips which I’m obsessed with!

6. Ultra Strobe Cream – I haven’t used this product much, as I keep forgetting. However, when I did use it on my skin before highlighting I found it created the highlight to slightly pop more.

7. HD Pro Brows palette – I already use the Anastasia dip Brow which I love so it got to be very for my to switch products. I was quite impressed with this one, I found both the powder and cream very pigmented and easy to use. I could definitely use this instead of my dip Brow if needed!

8. Ultra Colour Explosion Palette – this palette is most likely the palette I will use the least out of them all, but it’s perfect for festival makeup or when you need that extra pop of colour to match your outfit.

9. Ultra Metals Palette – These shimmery shades make an appearance pretty much everyday, I’m obsessed with every single colour!

10. Ultra Newtrals Palette – Everyone needs a Nude palette for the everyday makeup. They are perfect for me, and each colour is perfect!

11. Blush Dream palette – So its obvious that this palette was my all time favourite palette. As it’s full of the best highlighters which I’ve always loved!

12. Pro Go Brushes 2018 – These brushes are so cute, they are a gorgeous colour and so soft to blend your makeup in.

If this isn’t the perfect Christmas present I don’t know what is! For only £40!

As I was going to collect it from Superdrug, I came across the best eye shadow palette from Revolution on deal. This eyeshadow palette has 144 colours, yes I said it…144!! The palette is called 144 Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Collection 2018 and is amazing! I got this eyeshadow palette at half price, which it still is for £8!

Personally, I think all the Revolution Christmas are such a good value and brilliant quality, id definitely recommend having a look – I always buy my Revolution products from Superdrug.

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  1. WOW Is it 60 pounds for all 12 products!? I don’t think you can even get that here in Canada, that is insane!
    I love how the ultra balm palette looks, that is super awesome to mix and play with on lip shades!
    Hmm things I keep adding onto the list of “makeup I want” XD

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