Head To Lanzarote for the Perfect Christmas Break

It’s currently snowing outside and I’m wrapped up in bed drinking a hot chocolate whilst I dream of the hot summer weather. As the Christmas holidays are approaching next week and many will be looking to book last minute affordable holidays away. I discovered the perfect way to book your last minute holiday and that’s with Holiday Gems.

One of my favourite top ten holiday destinations is Lanzarote, it’s a place I’m very familiar with and would happily go there year after year. If hot weather is what you want this Christmas, Lanzarote is the place to go especially in this season you can totally rely on the sunshine.

Lanzarote being a volcanic island it creates incredible scenery to look at and even better beautiful landscapes. As it’s volcanic you can visit volcano tours, which they will show the proper ins and outs of a real volcano and real life safe examples.

Places to visit and what do to whilst in Lanzarote

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is somewhere in Lanzarote I have to visit every time I go. I highly recommend visiting – as it’s such a beautiful tourist beach. It’s such a relaxed place, with beautiful restaurants and gorgeous scenery. The hotels around Playa Blanca are so peaceful and beautiful.

Ultimate Volcanic Experience

I mentioned this previously but honestly, if you visit Lanzarote, you have to go on the ultimate volcanic experience , it’s so eye opening and an incredible experience as a whole. This tour is based at the Timanfaya National Park which demonstrates volcano explosions and a BBQ based inside a real volcano. There is so many more exciting experiences which happen during the tour, but I’ll leave you to find it out for yourself!

Camel Tours

Ok, everyone needs to experience a camel tour once in their life anywhere they can – luckily my camel tour experience was in the beautiful Lanzarote. Don’t get me wrong it not the most comfortable experience but its definitely the funniest thing you’ll ever try!

When booking your trip to Lanzarote, make sure you get the best affordable deal at Holiday Gems for this Christmas. Even if you can’t go away this Christmas, make sure you use Holiday Gems all year round to get the best holiday Deals.

so what are you waiting for?… let’s HEAD TO LANZAROTE!!

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post.

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