Rounding up my skincare finds this year with Frezyderm

Rounding up this years blog posts full of all the amazing skincare routines and products I’ve found – I thought I’d finish the year by showing you a final skincare product I am currently loving.

My Christmas favourite skincare product is the 24 hour long lasting hydrating cream which is in-fact a moisturiser from Frezyderm. I’ve been using this for several days now – it’s made my skin completely soft and refreshed which I apply before bed and when I wake up. They do outline it’s based for younger skin 20+ but suitable for all skin types.

My favourite quality about this product is that it can be used as a makeup primer, which is amazing right? I haven’t yet tried it under makeup on its own but I bet it’s good! The product itself is thick and easy to blend in – which is exactly why it’s perfect for underneath makeup.

I have to mention how amazing the packaging is as well – the bottle is very unique which you can tell from the pictures, it’s almost like a test tube.

Fancy getting your hands on this product or even buying it as a perfect Christmas present? Get yours now from Frezyderm. Order now for last minute delivery to get it just before Christmas!

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