2018 Will Be My Year

One of my 2018 goals is to share more with you in a personal way, I want to become a more honest blogger and share more about my life and me as a person so you can get to know me more. I know this blog post is very delayed and probably should have been published last week at the start of the year, but for me my new years resolutions start now. As all my friends have gone back to university and I have had a very wild month, which has been full of partying, partying and more partying – which I am still recovering from, opps! They have now all left me and fled back to university, so now I can get my head back into blogging and start my real New Year.

This blog post is going to be full of highlights from 2017 and what I have planned for 2018. So thinking back on 2017, it has been a true whirlwind full of opportunities and downfalls which I never expected to happen. The start of 2017 for me wasn’t the best if I am honest as on the day i passed my driving test, yay! I dislocated my knee really badly which put me out of work for about 6 months and I wasn’t able to do a lot for a few months. From this happening I managed to create this little blog for myself and which I definitely didn’t expect it grow into something I can now visually see a full-time job. I mean, they do say everything happens for a reason,right?! I am grateful for every brand I have worked with, everyone starts from somewhere and in this industry it’s all about building your own image and own true audience.

Throughout all of this in 2017 I applied and moved to university, then in a real quick turn around I moved back home because University wasn’t for me at all, I will write a more in-depth blog post about this! So I moved back home to work part-time whilst I run this blog – which in the long run I know leaving university is going to be the best thing I ever did. Funny thing about this, whilst this blog post has been stuck in my drafts and uncompleted I am able to come back and tell you all I have just been given the best opportunity to work in a Visual Merchandising team at where I currently work – this is the best start I could ever had to start 2018, purely because I was going to university to become a Visual Merchandiser. So now I’ve left university and been offered a job in this title… I mean talk about timing!

But, still nothing makes me happier then running this blog and the support and acknowledgement I get from people I don’t even know, has lifted my confidence in more ways than I could ever imagine. On a personal level, I’ve found myself to be so lucky to have the most amazing friends and family.

To finally kick off 2018 in the right way I thought I’d share my plans with you. In my opinion I don’t set New Years Resolutions because I don’t believe in them, if I’m fully content with my life and everything in it I believe I don’t need to make a change or become a ‘new me’ just for the sake of it. On the other hand this doesn’t mean I won’t set goals I want to achieve in 2018, because I have high aspirations for 2018, mainly to do with blogging.

My main goals for 2018;

My first main goals which is pretty much everyone’s goal at the moment, but its to get fit and start going the gym regularly. Luckily for me, I’ve just agreed to work alongside a local gym for my blog which will all be revealed soon – it’s a new addition to my blog and I’m so excited to share it with you. All revealed next week! Lets get that summer body started…!

Another goal of mine is to pick up my YouTube again, as most of you are aware I started my own YouTube channel last year which was so fun. But, filming it on my phone wasn’t the best so I decided to put a hold on it. 2018 is the year I want to concentrate on building and creating great YouTube content. In the meantime I’d love you all to check out my YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe for new updates coming soon.

Besides New York, London is one of my favourite cities but it’s quite far and expensive to get down there. So, this year one of my main goals is definitely to go down to London more often and now I am in an even better job I will be able to afford to go down there and shoot better photos. I’ve also been invited to various events and meet ups in London, which I have had to sadly miss but I’m going to make 2018 the year I can go and attend these events.

I am beyond happy with how far I’ve come with this tiny little blog, which was only a hobby to start with and now I am picturing it as my main career as I absolutely love what I do. I’m using this year to keep on building non stop, to focus on creating better content and hopefully work with more brands, which I am so lucky and grateful for.

I’m going to make 2018 my best year yet, we are only 11 days in and I am full of ideas and been thrown a load of new opportunities, I want to go and see more of the world and meet new adventurous people. What are your plans for 2018?! 

6 thoughts on “2018 Will Be My Year

  1. great post! I also don’t believe in new years resolutions. If you want to change something you shouldn’t wait for january 1st but just go for it. Even if it’s the middle of June or so! I really really love NYC and London, too and hope to go back to London sometime soon 🙂

    Wishing you all the best for 2018 – xo

    1. thankyou so much for your lovely comment! I totally agree with you on this! Im so desperate for a trip to london and new york! Hope you have a lovely year! xx

      1. We will get there one way or another! haha
        thank you! I hope 2018 is gonna be just as lovely for you! xx

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