One year on and I’m making a comeback

I’m so incredibly proud to be writing this blog post, to celebrate my first year full of blogging – it’s my blog birthday, yay! Just reflecting on this time last year, I was in an awful place – practically bed bound with a leg injury and was very fed up and unhappy in that current stage. This was the exact reason I started this little blog, just to keep me company – to do something rather than be on my phone going at the same thing every single day. Writing down how I thought and felt at that particular time in my life probably felt so silly back then, but honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve managed to crack down and actually care about my silly little blog, turned it into a professional running business for myself to share my favourite fashion looks. Can you believe I’ve even managed to work with over 50 brands in one year?! God-smacked.

Now I understand these bloggers who have been doing blogging for a lot shorter and have achieved a lot more, but for me, my own personal goals I’ve never been so proud of my accomplishments.

Over the past year I have learnt a lot about myself and the blogging industry itself. The 5 most important things I have learnt over the last year of being a blogger.

1. One of my first massive life lessons I’ve learnt whilst being a blogger is not to be scared to put yourself out there. This is such an important lesson that needs to be learnt, a lot of people will be put off from blogging because of the thought of throwing yourself into the world of social media and starting your life as a blogger on centre stage in front of the billion other people who spend hours a day flicking through their social media. If this is the case it’s completely normal if you don’t want to publish your posts and keep your identity hidden, even if writing just for yourself makes you feel better – there’s no one saying you need to publish it to the world. On the other hand, for the people that do want to chuck themselves into the blogging industry, I would never let the thought of people reading it put you off.

This time last year when I started blogging – of course, I was so anxious to start publishing and letting all the people I know read my posts. Being from a small town where everyone knows everyone – it definitely is harder to put yourself out there. Especially when it came to taking some of my first street pictures around my town – I actually felt so nervous and anxious because it’s definitely not something you see everyday in my town. After a few months went by and I managed to put myself on social media and connect with people all around the world, my confidence and self belief shot up straight away and ever since has made me feel very content in my life and pleased for what I’ve managed to create.

2. A second life lesson I have learnt is being yourself and honest goes a very long way in the blogging world. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, bloggers who are down to earth, true to themselves and genuine go along way compared to bloggers who hold themselves back and can come across as being cold. This doesn’t mean you need to show every single bit of your life, some things can definitely be way too personal to be plastered over social media – but it’s fine if you show them bits too! Being honest when it’s comes to reviewing a product or collaborating with a company is probably one of the most important parts of being a blogger.

3. Positivityyyy is the way forward! Everyone that knows me personally knows I am an extremely positive person I’m always someone who has a massive smile on their face and will always try anything to get rid of negative energy. Life is way too short to be constantly negative all the time, for me anyway!

4. Editing is good! Someone times it’s hard to not be jealous of how amazing peoples feeds are, but in reality a lot of it has been edited to create the gorgeous colour theme feeds. Editing can go a very long way which can be since as ‘overused’ or ‘fake’ in the words of the media – which I can totally get, as it can look absolutely ridiculous. However, it’s good when editing is used just to finalise details of images (especially if you aren’t using an amazing camera and need to get that camera effect to come through on your phone), sometimes the tiniest slight tweak on an editing app can make your photo look a billion times better.

5. Never compare yourself to others. This is so incredibly important to anyone, I think in every jobs or any normal day to day routine. You should never feel the need to ever compare yourself to anyone, even if you envy the person and think they are achieving more – you need to remember it shouldn’t concern you and shouldn’t reflect on your own work if someone is achieving more. Comparing yourself against someone, can sometime really knock your confidence and always make you second guess your own work. If you truly believe in yourself, you’ll always be able to achieve your dreams and more.

As you’ve all probably guessed I have taken sometime time out recently to concentrate on the more important elements of my life which will always come first, I’ve made a lot of decisions over the past few months which have completed changed my daily routine and my future career. But since having this time away I have very much so missed blogging and really managed to reflect on what my blog actually means to me.

As a person I have always been someone that will survive to make my life the best life it can be and right now in my own head, I know I’d dream of building on my blog and topping my own goals I have previously achieved. Luckily, I’m someone who is very motivated to achieve this, now it’s time to put the work in and make my ultimate life goal be put in action.

I just want to thank everyone who has supported me and really pushed me to achieve my own blogging goals over this past year.


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