Celebrating Mothers Day with Prestige Flowers

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate all the mothers of the world and also to remember the even more wonderful mothers who unfortunately are not with us today.

Luckily enough I’m very lucky to be able to spend pretty much everyday with my amazing mum and I’m so fortunate for that. My mum does a lot for me, including being my amazing photographer for all my outfit posts. (in reality, half the time she’s hates being dragged around from street to street!!)

On the other hand, the one thing about Mother’s Day is trying to buy something different every year, as I get stuck in the routine of buying supermarket flowers and a card – there’s nothing wrong with that but I thought I’d treat my mum this year. I have already given majority of my Mother’s Day present to my mum, as I was so excited about it! I’ve booked to go to a vineyard to taste a lot of wine and a gorgeous Mother’s Day present from my favourites Prestige Flowers!

As well as this I’ve had the opportunity to show you some of the amazing flowers that Prestige Flowers offer specially for Mother’s Day at an affordable price – you may be trying to find the last minute perfect gift? Well prestige flowers has you sorted for Mother’s Day and any other occasion! I have been sent the most beautiful Pink Rose Bouquet with the cutest teddy bear (named Charlie) and some gorgeous handcrafted chocolate hearts! Alongside all of this it’s comes with the most gorgeous vase!

They also have a very wide range of different beautiful flowers, all different colours and I’m sure your mums favourite flowers will be there! My favourite part is each bunch of flowers comes with their own box of delicious chocolates!! If you Mum isn’t a flower lover, you can even buy a chocolate bouquet or sweets, which would definitely be the one I’d want, haha!

So grab your last minute Mother’s Day gift today from Prestige Flowers!

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