Knitwear Overload with Femme Luxe

I am finally writing my first blog post after taking a year out and I am SO excited. If you fancy reading about my year out and the reasoning behind it.. click here. However, I am more than grateful that my first post back I am collaborating with a brand who contacted me over the past few weeks. Even better, we are now approaching my favourite time of the year for fashion, all the amazing knits and coats that all come out during autumn are the best. I will create a post very soon all about the autumn trends which are starting to come through for womenswear and menswear.

Femme Luxe have very generously sent me 5 pieces of their best knitwear that they currently have in stock, not going to lie the parcel arrived a few days ago and i have already styled up and worn each item out of the house, each piece of knitwear is very stylish and very different from each other. Normally I can be quite fussy over knitwear, as there’s so many types and all the different ways to wear it… from cropped to the cool chunky pieces. I’ll show you each piece of knitwear in its own way alongside how I would personally style each piece.

All the photos I have taken in the knitwear pieces I styled with my Topman Grey Skinny Stripe trousers and the typical vans which I pretty much think everyone owns. However, I will shed some light on different ways each knitwear piece can be styled.

One of the first pieces I got was a Black Cowl Neck Knitted Cropped Jumper. You would be able to style this with pretty much anything as it’s black and the material is very warm, being cropped it can become slightly cold but it’s perfect to layer up anyway and it’s perfect for the beginning of this cold weather! The neckline is my favourite part of this cosy knitwear piece!



Another thing I absolutely love about this weather is being able to wear bright and colourful pieces of knitwear like your dark reds and burnt oranges, so I was very excited to wear this next piece. I ordered a Red Oversized Cropped Jumper which is my favourite item Femme Luxe¬†have sent me, the colour is perfect for autumn and I’m obsessed with the fit of the jumper.




Everyone loves a classic grey piece of knitwear during this season as it’s another piece that can pretty much go with everything. For some reason I find layering up a grey cosy knit with a black turtle neck top works a right treat! So I ordered two different grey pieces and I’m obsessed with both because they are completely different!

The first piece is a Grey Oversized Cropped Jumper, this knitwear piece is all about the sleeves, if you’ve read some of my previous posts you would know my love of sleeve detailing – the bigger the better and oh my, the sleeves on this jumper are insane. I always feel so much more cosy with massive oversized sleeves. This jumper can be styled with anything but it looks super cute with matching grey cycling shorts and sock boots, the jumper can be worn off the shoulder / one shoulder too which is even cuter!!



The other grey piece is a Grey V-Necked Cropped Jumper which is absolutely perfect to wear with a cute trendy bralet as its very low-cut but can be worn in various ways. This jumper goes perfect with a black turtle necked top just to layer up even more for the winter approaching!



Alongside, all the amazing cosy knitwear that Femme Luxe sent me, i also got another piece of knitwear which was this White Bardot Knitted Mini Dress, which looks amazing with a pair sock boots on.. I’m obsessed with this dress perfect for layering up in the autumn.



This is my favourite time of the year for many reasons, but cold weather fashion always gives me a buzz especially with all the layering you can do! If you’re looking for cosy knits, trendy coats or even just a new wardrobe.. Femme Luxe is a very affordable place to get your new Autumn/Winter wardrobe from.

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