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Wow it’s been a while since I’ve last posted, it’s been very up and down with my last few posts, but I find it so much easier to blog around summer time which I think I am going to continue to do.. blogging about fashion and beauty in all aspects is my happy place and I absolutely love doing it – life has been very busy the past few months which is why I have struggled to blog a lot recently.

Luckily for me, even after spending months away from blogging and taking sometime for myself, brands have still continued to reach out and want to work with me, Femme Luxe is a brand I have worked with previous and I am a big fan of this brand, so I am always more than happy to collaborate with them. You can check my previous blog posts by clicking here..!

I chose a few of my favourite items from their website to show to you all, they are all very different and items you can wear between seasons they aren’t super summery but perfect to wear when its warm weather or cold. The items I chose consist of a cropped hoodie, a t shirt dress, a lounge wear set and a night out top.

Khaki Stripe Hooded Crop Jumper

I’ve already got one or two cropped hoodies that belong in my wardrobe however I really wanted, to get one which is majorly over-sized than normal – which is exactly what this hoodie is! I grabbed one their over-sized hoodie’s in the khaki colour, only because this colour goes very well with my black hair, but it does come in Nude, Beige and White.  As I said, it is over-sized and cropped, but so comfortable to wear… I styled this with Black Jeans, Detailed Belt and my Adidas Trainers, perfect for casual day out! I would also style this number with black cycling shorts and sock boots… to turn it slightly more dressy!


Khaki Hoodie / Femme Luxe

Jamie Jeans / Topshop

Belt / New Look

Boots / Topshop 

Bag / Accessorize 

Black Lips Oversized Shirt Dress

Another product I was sent, was a black long printed T-shirt dress.. this is one of my favourite products to wear, However, I thought this top would be slightly shorter, but because i am quite short means the dress was longer than I anticipated – but with the material being more of a thin jersey based, its easy to tie and style more – depending on the outfit you want to wear. It can be worn in so many different ways, as a dress with boots or vans.. perfect for the summer. Or even can be worn with jeans, tied up or baggy with some trainers for a more casual look. The top has long sleeves, is super soft and thin which, again is perfect for the weather.


Black Lips Oversized Tee Dress / Femme Luxe

Jamie Jeans / Topshop

Sunglasses / Versace 

Trainers / Adidas Superstars


Grey Crop Jumper Loungewear Set

I’m not one that usually wears co-ords or matching lounge sets, so I thought I’d take the plunge and order one to see how it fits – I absolutely love it and I’ll definitely be ordering more. This two piece also comes in different colours as well – black, khaki, pink, stone and camel. It’s very comfortable to chill in, especially perfect for the cold summer evenings coming up. Also a bang on, perfect… airport outfit.


Grey Crop Jumper Loungewear Set / Femme Luxe 

Sunglasses / Versace

Sliders / Primark

Black Leather Bow Bodysuit

This product is completely different compared with the others, as it’s more of a dressy night out bodysuit. I actually loved this bodysuit so much, I wore it straight out on a night out, it’s leather so the fit is perfect for me and looks dead cute with a matching tight leather skirt. You can also tie the front bow to as tight as you want. With it being leather as well it sucks in most of the parts you might not want to show. I would also style with some leather leggings that match, Femme Luxe show how you can wear this outfit with leather trousers, on their website.. so click here to take a look!


Leather Bow Bodysuit / Femme Luxe

Leather Buckle Skirt / Topshop

I loved wearing each of these outfits, they are all different and perfect for any occasions depending on how you wear them. On their website they have an amazing selection of the best products to wear, for whatever you need. Also, if you are a student even better as you can 10% off!!

Check out Femme Luxe to find the best outfits for yourself!!

I will be back soon, 

CD x



Photography: Jack Chadwick / @jackchadwick14

All contents © Chelsey Ocean

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