I’m backkk!!

Wow, what a long time no see. It’s been nearly a year since my last blog post or post on Instagram for my blog account – what a year it’s been, well… not that I’ve done a lot. Definitely a year I’ve realised I have taken for granted since the world is falling apart. It’s a crazy time to be alive; it’s like watching yourself in a movie, walking through supermarkets or just round my estate.. it’s a weird atmosphere, one I never thought I would experience. Nevertheless, it’s a moment in history, which we can tell our kids and grandchildren when we are older, on how the uk and world came to together to save lives and narrow the possibility of the virus spreading.

Since being in lockdown, I’ve managed to do a lot of thinking about life and how I regret taking so much for granted and how much I regret giving up on certain things so easily, this blog being one. I’ve realised this blog used to be my little happy place, a place where my thoughts and knowledge used to run away together and create something for you all to read. I loved spending hours in my room, taking photos, writing material and researching how to become a better blogger. I’ve got so much time on my hands now, so why not rebuild/ recreate this blog, make it my own little escape again.

I have still noticed recently my blog still gets views and comments here and there, this is something that doesn’t go unnoticed. I would like to quickly thank the people who still continue to view and read my material since I’ve been inactive. So, I have re updated my ‘about’ page on the latest information about me, and continuing from here.. I thought I may aswell update you on what’s happened the past year in my life, my holidays & trips, my 21st birthday, leaving my old job and starting a new one.

Thinking about it I did go on a few holidays last year, snowboarding in France, partying in Malia and a lot of drinking / sight seeing in Dublin – travelling is something I would like to improve, go more places see new things and create new experiences.

Snow holidays are something I’ve just recently started to experience, apart from when I was little I visited Austria for some fun in the snow. So in December 2018, I was on the train going to Liverpool for some drinks, a few drinks down, well for me that’s nearly drunk, such a lightweight! We optimistically booked a snowboarding holiday for February 2019. An experience I will never forget and something I WILL do every year. Me, my dad and my best mate went to Morzine, France. I’m not going to lie, snowboarding is not a bit of me, I spent more time on my ass then I did on the board.. typical me. To the point where my snowboard became my sledge! The homely karaoke type pubs, cold weather and amazing atmosphere pretty much sums up this holiday. It’s a holiday everyone should experience once in their lives, even if you have sacrifice your summer holiday… it’s worth it. I had planned to go to snowboxx in March this year, a massive snow festival, full of partying – but unfortunately due to the Coronavirus this sadly got cancelled, oh well there is always next year and I will be there. Oh and by the way, it turns out I’m a pretty decent skier, I’ve had several lessons at both the Snowdome and Chill factore – I think I’ve found my new hobby. Yay!

Malia, malia is just exactly as it stands I won’t share much details on this, my first party holiday.. which right now I wish I was at a beach party necking buckets of some crappy cocktail mix and dancing until dark. One. Day. Closer. Until I can do this. Dublin was another trip which I’ll forever remember – I am planning on doing a separate post for this, all about places to go and what I got up to in Dublin.

Whilst I’ve been gone I turned 2 frickin 1 !! 21 years in this world and I’m exactly who and where I wanna be. It was my birthday in September, I remember that whole month like it was yesterday.. I remember waking up the week of my birthday thinking.. ‘I’m turning 21, I wanna do something out of the ordinary, something I would never normally do.’ And what did I do?!

I got up, headed for town and decided to get my nipples pierced and became a red head. I don’t regret anything. Oh just so you know, getting your nipples pierced does hurt but not as much as you can probably imagine – let me know if you’d like a separate post on this, my own experience about getting my nipples pierced. So as some of you reading this may already know, I’m one of those people that do something big or not at all – so I had to go massive for my 21st birthday (I paid majority of it myself.) I think I’m going to expand on this in a bigger post and how I managed to pull my birthday off. I created my own 21st Great Gatsby Party, an experience I will never forget definitely one of the highlights of my year.

Last but not least, at the end of 2019 I made the decision to leave my job in retail. Several reasons I made this decision, some I won’t touch on – but the main reason was working weekends, retail is exhausting or can be depending on your role and the effort you put in; which for me, people that know me I loved my job and I always put 100% in everything I did. Eventually, with working weekends and silly hours of the day, I was exhausted I struggled balancing work, my social life and just giving myself some free time. So I actually moved away from fashion, I started an office job in sales to get some office experience and knowledge about sales. I will never say never about returning to a fashion job, but I doubt I will ever go back to retail. This does mean, as it’s an office job and sales… whilst in lockdown i am currently still working, from home which is a positive as I’m not totally bored.

I had a lot of a faith about 2020, maybe I spoke to soon. Everyday is just another step closer to get me to pub, we are all in the same position so I’m still embracing life as it comes. This nightmare will all be over soon enough, as for now I’m indulging in reading, baking and a helllll of a lot of board games and films. Oh and how did I forget, Disney+ the saviour of this pandemic.

P.S I got that bored in lockdown I’ve started dying my hair all sorts of colours, oh well I love a good experiment.

Cya soon, Stay Safe x

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