Reminiscing Dublin

Whilst being locked down, I have started thinking about my past trips and trips I want to go on when this is all over. I’m not sure if its making me feel worse or better, remembering my trips but its getting me excited!

Dublin has always been a place I’ve longed to visit, its my type of a perfect city break homely pubs, happy atmosphere and a helllll of a lot of drinking. Not going to lie, this Dublin trip was very much a drinking weekend, it was for my best mates 21st birthday present from me so i visited with another girl and 6 lads which was an experience within itself. However, I also did a bit of sightseeing and some fun activities around Dublin which i would 100% recommend.

I visited Dublin on 16th – 18th November 2019, it doesn’t sound very long but we had a very early flight into Dublin and a late flight home – so really it was almost 3 full days. We stayed in Jacobs inn Hostel, I arranged this trip myself so I decided on booking this accommodation and honestly I wasn’t expecting the hostel to be as good as it was. To be honest I have never stayed in a hostel before so my expectations were pretty low anyway – when i hear the word hostel I just think of somewhere that is quite dirty and unsafe – but Jacobs Inn Hostel was completely different. It was one of the most quirkiest and clean places I have stayed in, even compared to some hotels I have been in. Luckily for us, there was 8 of us – so we stayed in an 8 Mixed Pod Dormitory meaning we didn’t need to share with anyone else. The room was quite small, which wasn’t a problem as we didn’t spend much time in the room anyway. There was one shower, one toilet and two sinks which was easily shareable, sharing it with 6 lads is another story! 8 small pods, which were 4 across and two up, there were little wooden ladders leading up to each pod. The beds were very comfortable, in each pod you have your own shelf and plug sockets. In the room, there was multiple lockers which were locked by your own code. The only downside which I remember was not allowing food or drinks in the room, which is understandable especially if you are sharing with other strangers. However it was just a bit inconvenient that we couldn’t take food or drinks in, with Dublin being quite expensive. We found away around this in the end anyway.


I hadn’t really researched Dublin, or made any sort of plan on what to do or what to see. I had a few things booked which I will share later. I actually did enjoy going without a plan, we took everyday as it came and just had fun! We arrived to our hostel at around 11am, considering we were up at 3am, we were all knackered! We walked around the River Liffey and into the city centre of Dublin. After some walking, some lunch and some drinking. We visited the Temple bar in the centre, one of Dublin’s most famous pubs to visit. And now officially one of my favourite pubs, the pub was rammed full of happy drunk people, the atmosphere and music was amazing. These types of pubs are my favourite type! If you are visiting Dublin, or plan to visit going to the Temple Bar is a must.

The Guinness Storehouse Experience

There was no way I wasn’t going to Dublin, without experiencing the Guinness Factory / Tour. From the Dublin centre to the Guinness Storehouse it is around a 22 minute walk. We paid for our tickets online beforehand, they are slightly cheaper buying them before compared to on the door. Before this point I had never actually tried Guinness before, so what better time to try it?! I actually really enjoyed the Guinness Experience, its definitely something to try. I won’t indulge on too many details as it’s good to experience it and have your own opinions on it. It was definitely better and more educational than I was expecting, you do actually learn a lot about the beer and history around it. My favourite part was the top roof view bar where you all got to try your own Guinness pint whilst looking at a sky view of Dublin. Of course, it was rammed when we visited but the experience was still great! Oh and by the way, after actually trying it I don’t like the taste of Guinness, I’m a beer drinker I love having a pint, but Guinness is way too heavy for me.

Dublin nightlife is a very good night out, depending on what you like of course. There are bars that are rammed and open till early morning, clubs open till very late. Drinks and a bit of dancing are the best way to finish a day of sightseeing in Dublin.


Luckily for us the weather was lovely the whole time we were there, it was cold being November but it didn’t rain once. We started the second day with being a group of mainstream British people and having a classic weather-spoons breakfast with a beer. I was very excited for day two, as part of my mates birthday we’d booked a surprise ‘beer bike’ throughout the centre of Dublin. I wasn’t sure what to quite expect with this, I just knew it would be a right laugh. Most people book these for occasions like hen dos, stag dos and big birthdays etc. The bike had ten peddles; so with there being 8 of us; we spilt 4 each side. We each had our own peddle, which was the only source of energy the bike had to start moving, we had an instructor guy that did the controls and steering who sat in the middle. To be honest it was very helpful him being there when the chains kept coming off. We were able to plug our phone in an aux cable and play whatever music we wanted at any volume right through the city centre, which was very fun!

Not going to lie, the biking was quite hard especially when most the time I was trying to keep up with 6 lads, it wasn’t easy but I suppose that made it even more fun. Every 10 – 20 minutes, we stopped at a pub and had 15 minutes to down a pint and have some shots, we did this repeatably at 6 or so pubs. Actually really enjoyed going to several pubs, most were pubs you wouldn’t necessarily visit if it wasn’t for the pub crawl, for example one of the last bars we visited was a cool two floored sports bar this was definitely my favourite bar, we even went back in the night to spend some time there. The sports bar was called Buskers on the ball, definitely recommend going!

If you are going to Dublin to celebrate a big birthday, an occasions or even just visiting with a big group, you have to try and experience the beer bike. It is very affordable too!

After a lot of drinking, laughing and sightseeing. Our trip came to an end! It was a brilliant trip, an experience ill never forget. Without a doubt I will 100% go back to Dublin for a longer weekend. Its a beautiful City and so much to do, by the way the shops and shopping centres are great!

Just to add one of the biggest downsides to Dublin is how expensive it is. Before I visited i asked around to people who i knew had already been, about how much money I should take, honestly I was shocked how expensive it was. Especially with drinking and eating, each meal was around €15 a head minimum, depending on what you ordered. The drinks were expensive I mostly stayed drinking beer a lot, which was around €8 a pint. During one of the nights I ordered a double vodka and lemonade which cost me €18.50 in the Temple bar. I almost had a heart attack when they told me the price, this was the first night as well. Originally I took around €200, realistically I probably should of took around €300-€350 to avoid being there without stressing about money.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip, or helps you work out what to do when you visit. Have you ever visited Dublin? whats your thoughts on it?



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