Designing and Creating my dream bedroom

I’ve always been one of those people that gets bored so quickly, especially when something’s to repetitive. When it comes to my bedroom, I absolutely love changing it every so often. Recently my room has just felt so old, boring and dusty.. not gonna lie I’ve always been one of those people that have a ‘floor-drobe’ and I hate it! In my opinion I have just become more and more lazy with my bedroom because I hate the way it looks – as strange as it sounds I struggle to build the Instagram feed and take the pictures I want because of my current room interior. Constantly cutting things out, trying to edit colours and brightness to get the pictures I want. It was definitely very demotivating to create good content and material!

Since my last blog post I’ve officially been put on furlough for at least 3 weeks. So I’ve got 3 weeks to spare, I’m saving money and had some of my holiday money refunded… what better time to create or to start creating my dream bedroom?! Oh by the way I’m one of those people that runs away with ideas, once that idea is in my head I have to create it. With that in mind, I started writing this blog post on 20th April, it is now 6 days later the 26th and my bedroom is almost complete. Not going to lie, my body is aching so much from redecorating on my own and shattered from sleeping downstairs whilst I can’t access my bed. So let’s get to it, this blog post I will show you my entire new bedroom, before and after, my ideas behind it and a step by step guide to creating your dream bedroom – I will include all links to everything I have purchased for my room.

Step 1 – Evaluating

Before I began thinking about ideas, I spent a lot of time evaluating my old bedroom, what I hated and what I liked, not going to lie the negative completely outweighed the positives for me. Don’t get me wrong you might be reading this blog post, only wanting to make a subtle change or like me wanting to completely rip the whole thing out. Either way this guide should help.

This is the only before photo I could find, my desk lives in another room along with the white chest of drawers replacing my wooden one.

oh my god where do I start; Starting with the frame of the room, the walls. My images won’t show it up much as you can only really see it in direct sunlight and I forgot to take a real picture. In the photo above, 3 of walls are a creamy nude colour which in my opinion just looks dirty.. I can’t remember for the life of me why I painted it that colour to start with. Also, I’m not sure why but all the walls have a lot of dark coloured blemishes in which made my room feel even more dirty. The 4th is wallpaper, I believe wallpaper is very much based on opinion to whoever may or may not use it. I used to always have in majority of the rooms in my parents houses, 3 walls painted and a feature wall, the current wallpaper is a dark floral print which made my room feel very dark. But yeah; I guess I am over the wallpaper phase, I’m aware some people can be quite opinionated on wallpapers or wallpaper as a whole, but don’t worry I don’t dislike it, just wanted a complete change and some brightness in my room.

  • This is one of the main reasons I am changing my room, the carpet. I have had this same carpet in my room for years and years, it is just disgusting now. Over the year I’ve dropped so many nails polish’s, liquid makeup and drinks over it, yes I’m clumsy. I used to have a black rug, which actually stained parts of my carpet black which was annoying. So yeah the carpet has to go.
  • This is a minor point, not something I’m in a rush for; which is the lighting. Everyone that knows me personal and has been in my room before always makes the same comments ‘your lighting is so crap.’ No denial, it is. To point I’ll turn it on and it still feels off, it’s so dark. Luckily I only use the light for nighttime in bed or getting changed, my makeup desk is in another room, due to not having enough room in my room, oops.
  • As you can tell, my wardrobe is a completely different colour to my chest of draws. Which has been bugging me for months, and yes I could of just painted it but would it be worth it if I hated the rest anyway?
  • I have two mirror in my rooms, one vintage small long mirror and a big square one. The square one I use all the time; it’s perfect for most things. However the long vintage one, just isn’t working, I need something longer and wider. Which I have found and I can’t wait to show you!!
  • The placement of the room isn’t great, but I can’t really touch on that as that will change regardless.

Step 2 – Creativity

Im quite a big Pinterest fan, I use it when I need inspiration and another creative way of thinking. Getting my nails done? Pinterest. Getting hair done? Pinterest. Need bedroom inspiration? PINTEREST PINTEREST PINTEREST!! If you don’t have it, you need it! So that’s exactly what I did, I used pinterest to find some inspiration and ideas. I created my own bedroom Pinterest board of images and ideas I found. You can probably tell the theme colour, is mainly white or very light greys, I will go through most things but that’s where all my ideas have come from. If you click the images below you can see my bedroom board, here is a few things below I already have on it – it almost like creating a mood-board. You can see what visuals I have in my head and how I want it to look.


Step 3 – Designing

Now I have the bulk and the ideas of what I want. I have a visual picture in my head it’s time to work it all out. As a personal preference you could either draw out a layout or use a computer based layout creator. Not going to lie, I did a bit of both I did small sketches with measurements and then built it on my phone. By the way, PLEASE don’t forget to measure everything first, it’s so important, especially if you run away with a brilliant idea draw it all up to then realise it doesn’t fit!
To create a computer based to design I used the app called Room Planner, honestly it’s brilliant! It’s actually in fact an IKEA app, so if you’re planning on getting bedroom stuff from IKEA it’s even better for you, as you won’t need to search for all the products individually. The app is so easy to use, if you work out the square metre for your room it’s so easier to use, especially for placement. I must of spent a few hours on this app, getting it perfect and getting everything I wanted in the right place.


From the designs you can see how I’d like to change my room. The main change is a wooden floor, I know a lot of people don’t agree with a wooden floor in bedrooms but I just don’t agree with that opinion at all! The wooden floor for me, will make my room feel cleaner and for me it’s very aesthetically pleasing. So I’ve gone for a mild grey wooden floor which is what I’ve wanted for ages. My wardrobe I will be painting white, with wood interior paint. I would like to look at getting a long mirror for the corner of my room.

Step 4 – Purchasing

Especially right now this was difficult, I mainly used Wickes click and collect for most things which was very easy to use and very fast. Oh by the way if you use Wickes site especially around midday you could be waiting in a queue online for about an hour! I mainly tried to do my shopping evening or early morning, I’d normally either get straight on or have to queue about 8 minutes max.

Originally the colour I wanted for my walls was white, however I really liked the colour my dad has in his room which is a off white, very very light lilac colour almost, called Polished Pebbles. For me I was quite lucky as my dad already had half a pot of this, but I did run out and I really struggled to find this particular paint in stock anywhere. I visited B&M for some bits and I had a look for some paint and they had it for £15 which is cheaper than usual! So get to B&M if you need some paint!! The paint is also sold in B&Q, Wickes, Wilkos if you google it, it’s pretty much sold everywhere! My old feature wall I wanted painted as well, so all four walls were the same. I’m glad it looks good now as it was an absolute nightmare to get the wallpaper off, I did pretty much all of it on my own so it took me a few days.

The flooring was easy for me, I knew exactly what I wanted which was a light grey colour. Wickes had this and it was all in stock, my room is around 13 square metres, this  meant I needed 9 packs of flooring. This cost around £140, addition to that of course I need 2 packs for flooring underlay £40. So the flooring alone just cost be just under £200 which isn’t too bad!


I have now painted my wardrobe white, so it matched my chest of draws next to it which looks so much better! In my old room I had a lot of sentimental photos and novelty items hanging from my wall which I’ve stripped back completely on, I mainly now have quotes or funky posters.


When it came to purchasing my mirror I had quite a good idea of what I wanted, I needed a full length mirror, I also wanted a standing mirror which majority of these come quite big. One of the other main elements I wanted, was it not to have much or any detailing around the edges of the mirror. I did spend a while looking around for mirrors, and comparing prices – I didn’t realise how expensive they could get! Eventually I found one which I couldn’t stop thinking about so I had to order it. The mirror measured at 160cm x 70cm, a leaner mirror, which is perfect for where it is in my room, I wouldn’t of had the measurements much smaller though. (I will tag all items at the end of this blog post.) The mirror cost £150 from Dunelm, I think this was a little pricey, but I’d rather pay more to have it how I wanted. At the same time I also ordered my new rug from Dunelm as well, which is such a perfect edition on my room especially with having wooden flooring, it just brings that homely effect to my room.


The chair I have in my room, I actually brought a few weeks before I decided to redo my room. I just wanted a spot in my room I can just sit and read or blog, whenever I get in my bed to chill I always get sleepy and lazy. The chair was from Argos. I have ordered a footstool from Amazon to go with this chair, just for my extra comfort but it’s a storage unit too. I will put this on my Instagram story when it arrives! I also ordered a fold up table, which is perfect to go with the chair, almost like my own little chilling area in my bedroom.


So that pretty much sums up how I achieved designing and creating my own bedroom, personal to me. I believe interior designing is based on opinions and personal preference, some people may like my bedroom, some may hate it. However, i also believe a persons bedroom tells you a lot about the person itself, and it can also affect your mental health. Before this room, I hardly looked after my old room and it put me down a lot living in a mess, since completely redoing my room, I have never felt so fresh minded, happy and motivated. I have already started building my blog and Instagram the exact way I want them. I am very proud how I have made my bedroom look, yes I may of spent quite a bit of money on this, but its so worth it!!


These below are also some new elements I have added to my room, fashion posters will be behind my bed headboard as a display piece, I am just waiting on the frames to arrive. This gorgeous new foot stool which matches by chair is perfect, its a storage box too!

I have quite a few display pieces around my room, and a coat rack as i have way too many clothes. You will see most of these in the pictures on this post and on my Instagram feed, I will tag everything and prices below. 


Hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you have any ideas for your rooms, I would love to hear them or need to ask anymore questions, you can either email me or direct message on Instagram. 


Polish Pebbles Dulux Paint // Prices varies on different litres’s paint pot, I got 2.5L for £15.00 at B&M, can also be brought from B&Q, Wickes and Wilkos etc. 

Arreton Grey Laminate Flooring  // Brought from Wickes, £15,54 per SQM

3D Geo Leaner Mirror 160cm x 70cm // Brought from Dunelm, £150.00

Sofia Shaggy Rug 80cm x 150cm // Brought from Dunelm £39.00

Malibu Chest Drawer White // Brought from Argos £102.00

Evie Fabric Armchair – Natural // Brought from Argos £140.00

Adjustable Chrome Plated Clothes Rail – Black // Brought from Argos, £10.00

Folding Laundry Sorter // Brought from Argos, £20.00

Lack Floating Wall Shelf // Brought from IKEA, £5.00 each

Nissedeal White Mirror // Brought from IKEA, £17.00

Malinmaria Dark , white cushion // Brought from IKEA, £4.50

Hartleys Butlers Tray Side Table, white // Brought from Amazon £29.99

Set of 3 Fashion Posters // Brought from Amazon £9.99

George Glass Clock // Brought from Asda, £6.00

Natural Footstool Storage box // Brought from Amazon £29.99

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