Boohoo Lounging in Lockdown

Hey guys! Hope you are all surviving lock down, I am managing to be quite productive by getting a lot of stuff done! How are you spending time in lock-down?

One of the things i am missing most in lock-down is definitely dressing up and actually making an effort, I’ve spent majority of the lock down in tracksuits and binge watching  Gossip Girl. At the minute because of obvious reasons I am unable to go out and dance around in nice little outfits to show you all! However, its not the end off the world I can try and compromise with home photography, luckily for me I live with one of my best mates and hes great at taking photos. So now more than ever is the perfect time to discuss, Loungewear; even though we are unable to go out and wear nice little outfits, nothings stopping you to be a little trendy in the house. For me mentally i feel 10 times better, when i’m wearing a nice tracksuit around the house. Whilst i am also saving money, i thought this would be the perfect time to do some sort of loungewear haul, I brought a load of new comfy clothes so live in from Boohoo, which I’m so excited to show you!

I buy quite a few clothes from Boohoo, i always find its so affordable and the delivery time is always so quick! For this lounge-wear haul, I have brought many different items and styles, to comfy jumpsuits, basic tees to the most comfiest joggers. I have a massive love for comfy clothes, to the point where now i’m dreading putting jeans back on! When I ordered clothes for this haul I ordered some clothes that I wouldn’t normally wear, or items which I know are different but that you would all love!

With this in mind, starting it off – I ordered this Mix and Match Teal Jumpsuit, to be honest with you when I ordered this I didn’t read it properly and thought it was a co-ord tracksuit set not a jumpsuit. When it arrived I was slightly disappointed and adamant I wasn’t going to like this, especially on me. I actually never tired this on until I was about to take a photo, and wasn’t planning on including it in. In reality it turns out this was one of my favourite outfits on this haul, one hundred percent this looks so much better on, instead of on the hanger. It is super comfy, the colour is bright but I love it, especially against my pink hair currently! The jumpsuit also has an oval open back which I love. Unfortunately they don’t have this on their site anymore, so I have tagged a few similar below.


Similar product on this, on Boohoo currently.

Off Shoulder Pocket Detail Lounge Jumpsuit= Currently £15.40

Basic Viscose Strappy Cami Jumpsuit = Currently £11.20

Contract Panelled Crop Hooded Tracksuit = Currently £22.40

Ok, so for me at home this is such a go-to outfit for me, especially when I am feeling a bit warm and I’m running around doing bits around the house. This is definitely one of my favourite outfits to wear. Just as simple as some cycling shorts and a cosy jumper, I already own loads of cycling shorts in different colours. The one I am wearing in the pictures are a 2 in 1 pack from Boohoo, you get 2 black pairs of cycling shorts in one pack for only £8.40!! As for the jumper, I don’t actually think I own a proper cosy jumper that is not a hoodie – when I am home I practically live in cosy hoodies, which I would normally pair with some cycling shorts. This was the perfect time to order a nice cosy jumper, which is also trendy. I ordered the Wisconsin Oversized Washed Jumper, and I absolutely love it! It is so comfy and looks so trendy with some cycling shorts. Only £14.00 at the moment! I ordered this in a large as I wanted it even more oversized, its definitely my favourite outfit from this haul. I think I will be ordering some more Jumpers like this soon, especially from Boohoo. I have just checked this item and its completely sold out, I will let you guys know when its back in stock!! In the meantime, there are loads of trendy jumpers on boohoo right now, check this Freedom and Love Slogan Jumper for £12.60, its so cute!



Whilst we are on the topic of cycling shorts, addition to the above I also ordered another top to wear with cycling shorts, for more of a hotter day. I ordered a very lightweight oversized plunge top, I just think these are really easy to wear with anything – especially when you need to quickly chuck something on. However the material is very thin, so I always tend to layer this top which a thick sports bar or a cropped tight camisole. If i wasn’t wearing this with cycling shorts, I would normally pair this with some black joggers/leggings, for a casual trendy look. They stock this in, Black White and Grey currently, some of the other colours are out of stock currently, at the moment they are priced at £11.20! I ordered mine in the colour Stone, in a size 12 to get it more baggy.


Everyone loves matching two pieces, whether is for chilling around the house in, going to the club in, going to the gym in etc etc. I’m a big lover of two piece’s especially comfy ones to wear relaxing. This one is ridiculously comfy and so cute to wear, I have fallen in love with this. Its a black knitted two piece, could you think of anything more dreamy!! The top is knitted, cropped and has a hood which is super cute; the joggers are also knitted, they so baggy and so warm to wear. As I am quite short, I ordered this set in petite! The Knitted joggers are currently £11.20 only! The knitted cropped hoody which is also only £9.80, the prices are so affordable at the moment, especially if your income is being affected by the lockdown and you need to treat yourself for a little pick me up, this is perfect. By the way, there isn’t much stock of these left so order it whilst you can.


The next two outfits are basically the same outfit but in different colours, its the simplest comfy outfit everyone should have! A Basic Jersey and Basic Joggers – I own a lot of joggers from different brands, but I must say the boohoo joggers are most probably some of my comfiest yet! The jersey tops, are just simple long sleeved cropped top; I actually really love these tops, they look great on. They are also perfect for wearing out with jeans, or I would even wear the black version with some cute leather shorts, maybe a blazer for some dressy drinks. These tops come in various colours; Black, Grey, White, Navy, Wine and Stone etc, plus they are only £8.40!! I got these in a size 10! The Basic Loopback Joggers , these are similar to the tops they come in different colours – super comfy. However these are out of stock at the moment as well, in most colours! As an alternative they have some Pocket Detail Joggers for the same price, £12.60, in different colours. They are pretty much the same, the only difference is the cord on all colours is white – which I actually really like, very aesthetic.

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This outfit is quite similar to that last one, just the joggers are slightly different and its a t shirt with some super cool details on it. OK, honestly these joggers are the comfiest joggers I own, they are SO soft! They are a brushed jersey jogger material, they feel like PJ’s. I probably wouldn’t wear them out the house, however to chill and even sleep in, they are worth the buy. They are currently £12.60. I own a lot of T shirts, but this tee particularly I love. It’s a black plain t shirt with a leopard ringer around the neck and arm hems, it just adds that extra piece of detail which makes this top super cute! The top is currently only £8.40, and it comes in loads of colours too!!

Whilst we are on the topic of leopard print, at the same time I also picked up this really cute leopard print tee. Its a plain black tee, with a strip of leopard print pattern and a strip of brown blocked colour across. It is such a simple design but so effective at the same time. It is super cute with joggers or even cycling shorts, or some nice jeans and biker boots. I ordered size M and its only £5.60!!


This pretty much sums up my loungewear haul with Boohoo! I’m so excited to spend the next few weeks lazying around in super cute cosy outfits around the house, I might even take one to a trip to Asda, haha! As I have previously mentioned a lot of my pieces on here are now all out of stock, I will keep you updated on my Instagram stories when these hopefully come back in stock! All will be tagged in the ‘shop my style‘ page on my blog and all will be linked on my 21 buttons profile too! I will be doing a few more hauls soon, if there is anything you’d like to see or anything you’d like me to try and cover on my blog, if just leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Boohoo Lounging in Lockdown

  1. You’re making me wish I owned more loungewear. I have so many pairs of yoga leggings and pajamas, but nothing in-between. I’ll have to check out Boohoo for some new pieces!

  2. I love these looks! Cannot beat a good bit of loungewear.

    I do not know what I am going to do when I have to wear ‘normal’ clothes again – thought of jeans send chills down my spine hahaha x

  3. I love the black ribbed set, it looks so perfect for lounging around the house but still looking slightly put together. I’m trying really hard to wear regular clothes right now just to remind myself what it feels like to get ready ‘normally’ x


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