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Jewellery is a topic I hardly ever cover, most jewellery pieces that appear on my blog or Instagram is mainly gifted pieces from brands. I thought I would touch on whats in my jewellery box and how I style them. I don’t have much of a stretched range of pieces, as I only have my ear lobe pierced, (well and my nipples but I don’t have any other bars for this) as well as earrings, I have a lot of rings, necklaces, bracelets and one or two ankle chains.


I believe jewellery definitely completes an outfit, I always feel so much better when I have a piece of jewellery on, or my hands are covered with a load of rings; I just feel that slightly more classy touch to my style. As most people I have my own sentimental pieces of Jewellery which I will touch on as well, of course I have my everyday pieces, which I live, breathe and sleep in.

My Everyday Go – To Jewellery

Most people who love jewellery will have an everyday piece, or like me will have a piece that has sentimental value, these pieces never rarely leave me, I live in them. I have an everyday bracelet, earrings and I tend to alternate between two different necklaces as they both are special pieces to me, both were actually for my 21st Birthday Present; which one was given to me by my mum and best friend.

My Go To Everyday Bracelets

Tiffany & Co Mini Heart Beaded Bracelet 

Silver Origins Daisy Cluster Bracelet 

My Go To Everyday Necklaces I Alternate

Silver Origins Daisy Cluster Necklace

Tiffany & Co Double Heart Pendant Necklace

My Go To Everyday Earring

Swarovski Sommerset Earring

What else is in my jewellery box?

These are my newest recent purchase from ASOS – I  absolutely love these rings, so simple but make such a difference.

ASOS Design Rings Pack of Ten 

My Pandora Pieces. I don’t buy much from Pandora but these are the pieces I own and I love!!

Pandora September Birthstone Beaded Ring

Pandora Open Heart Earrings

Other bracelets in my Jewellery Box I love!

Judy Luxury Gold Pendant (gifted)

Thomas Sabo Heart Bracelet 

Ted Baker Bow Bracelet

My New Look Earrings

My Topshop Jewellery

Babe Hair Slide

Topshop Hoop Earrings 

Besides Jewellery I also have watches I tend to alternate in between; these are two of my favourite watches. One is from Jord Watches and the Other ASOS.

Black and Gold Frankie Jord Watch (gifted/ see blog post here)

ASOS Limit Silver Watch 

This pretty much sums all the favourite jewellery I own, I love styling these around my outfits; I will be tagging my jewellery in my Instagram posts more.

Whats your favourite key jewellery piece? 

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