6 Ways to Wear Dad Shorts

Hiya! I have spent a lot of lock-down discovering new clothes , trends and more importantly using the time to order clothes I wouldn’t normally wear to see if I would actually like it. I have always been someone that isn’t afraid to try new things and to adapt my style; best believe a lot of things I have tried which made me look like a pasty marshmallow, and other things that really suited my style. One of my main discoveries since being lockdown is what they call ‘Dad Shorts’, which to be honest the name suits, definitely because of the length; pretty sure my dad owns some cargo shorts in this style!

I must admit when ordering these, I got them in a size up; just because I wanted some lee-weigh around waist; especially with these being straight leg shorts. I ordered them in blue denim, which I will be ordering the black version eventually, from Collusion, ASOS. These are not usually something I would ever consider ordering, never mind wearing because for one, I have quite short legs so I wasn’t sure whether it would make me look quite stumpy. However, I actually really really like them, they are different but trendy and actually fit really nice.

I thought I would share this with you, as if I am honest I struggled styling these at the start trying to find other garments which will make different outfits, for different occasions but still trying to be stylish at the same time. So I spent Monday morning with my wardrobe and my mirror, piecing different outfits together with the Dad shorts, I have managed put together 6 ways to wear these Dad Shorts, which I will show you below. I will also put all 6 outfits on my Instagram on one post. I have tried to make each outfit very different to each other, so here goes..

B57900B0-A8CE-4FFE-81B6-4AC2AEA66A31 Everyday Causal Look

This is my casual everyday outfit; the details I have added just makes it slightly more trendy, this is the kind of outfit I would wear to a festival or concert kind of style, or just to wear on a hot day/ on holiday. I have partnered my dad shorts with a simple black bandeau top, black chunky trainers, sports socks and large silver hoops all from Topshop. Addition to this, I have styled my across the body black bag from Primark, with my Versace Sunglasses.


Denim Dad Short 

Bandeau Top

Chunky Trainers

Sports Socks 

BE502228-B487-4C4A-836B-103CADAC99A0 Late Night Drinks Look

I think I literally pulled my wardrobe apart to try and get this outfit to look right, I really wanted to create a night out outfit, with such a casual denim item. I was very happy with how I’ve managed to style this up, my favourite outfit of them all. I have partnered this with my Tobi Beige Blazer, white square necked top, white heels and ASOS Zebra bag. This is definitely going to be an outfit that will be worn a lot after lockdown. Its super trendy!


Denim Dad Short 


White Square Top 


EA229F54-A60F-44E3-B7A9-736362E52A6F Casual Classy Look

This is another casual look, which is for a colder day. It the perfect outfit for shopping, then maybe drinks in the sun; the jacket is the perfect accessory. It is such a comfy little outfit, trainers, mesh top and shorts, perfect just to chuck on this summer, on the cloudier days of course.


Denim Dad Shorts

Mesh Top 

Leather Jacket 


A9D3B295-63DD-47F3-A385-87FC3486A6E1 Smart Casual  Look

Chuck the perfect knit and some classy heels together, which is the recipe to the perfect casual; yet smart and classy kind of look. This is something I would wear day drinking, or cocktails in the sun. This knitwear top is my favourite this season, its so thin and lightweight but ridiculously comfy at the same time! I love wearing it with layers at the moment, when its sunny its perfect for a cool over layer.


Denim Dad Shorts 



DBE19096-456B-4905-BF06-723A4826266C Summer Outfit Look

Okkkkk, isn’t this the cutest summer outfit?!! This is one of my favourite outfits this season, I will be posting a cute summer / spring haul this week, in which this outfit will be shown! This whole outfit is newly delivered to me this week, I must say this top is the cutest top, I am obsessed!! These are also the new Topshop mules, I have added to my wardrobe recently.


Denim Dad Shorts 



23B7811C-CA89-4D9D-8FDF-17D03313271C Casual Comfy Look

This is a different direction, yet so simple for this outfit. Its my ‘Casual Comfy’ look – it’s definitely comfy and stylish. I styled this with a baggy boyfriend jumper and some classic biker boots – this is just an easy chuck on when I’m struggling to find something to wear.


Denim Dad Shorts 

Black Jumper 

Biker Boots

So these are almost the different way I will be wearing my Dad shorts, there is some pretty cool and stylish outfits here. Hope this advise helps when you style yours – Which one is your favourite?


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