Loungewear Edition Pt 2 – with Select Fashion

Hey my lovelies, how are you all on this very sunny week? Hope you’re all getting a bit of sun! I’ve spent a few days in and out the soon, I have been trying to blog and take photos in the morning so I can spend the afternoons in the sun. I have already managed to burn slightly, I am just so awful at being able to tan!

If you are new on my website at the start of lockdown I did a blog post on BooHoo Loungewear which you can view here. So Im going to show you some more loungewear which I love and which was gifted to me by Select Fashion. As you already know I am a massive fan of loungewear and comfy clothes – that’s probably why I’ve enjoyed lockdown a little, as I have been able to live in cosy clothes all day everyday for weeks and weeks! So when I got approached by Select Fashion, to order some loungewear I couldn’t say no, I was able to pick some pieces from there website and I absolutely love them all, I’m currently sat wearing one right now.

Select is a good retailer who offer very affordable but fashionable clothes! I have known about this brand for years and years, I have a black summer top from Select from around 4/5 years ago! I actually struggled picking a few things to order as I wanted so many – I must say their loungewear range is such a vibe right now!

The first piece I ordered was a long oversized ‘I heart you’ mesh top in Black, which comes in pink as well and it only £11.99 right now! Love Islands Kady Mcdermott was recently seen on her Instagram styling this in pink, check it out here! This is my favourite piece I have received, its super sporty but so stylish. I have patterned this will some cute cycling shorts, for a loungewear kind of look, however I think wearing it with some jeans or even still cycling shorts, heels and a blazer could pass for a classy drinks outfit! I might try it out, keep an eye on my Instagram stories for this!


The second piece is a white jumper, which has words like ‘forever’ ‘whatever’ and ‘lover’ inprinted all over it, (priced at £11.49 currently) – which I think is a super cool effect adds a bit of a stylish flavour to the item. To add to this, the hood drawstrings end with neon green plastic – which stood out to me as I really wanted to pair with the next item – almost like a tracksuit. The hoodie I got in a L for an oversized look, it is soooo comfy and soft inside – If it wasn’t so warm outside right now I would be living in it!

The third piece as previously mentioned I ordered this with the intention of pairing it with the hoodie above and I was so happy about it, they matched perfectly, it looks like a proper tracksuit set. These joggers have a neon block on the outside of each leg with a added fishnet / mesh detailing which I think is super cool and refreshing.


The last time was a grey cropped fleece, this one has the softest material of them all – it felt like I was wearing a fluffy sock it was soo comfy. I struggled taking it off, its so warm! It has a thick black zip down the front, which comes down quite low but also stylish if you wanted to show off that nice little cleavage. The jumper has a matching zip on the left arm as well, I partnered this with some cute cycling shorts which looks super cute!


These are all the items I got from Select Fashion and I love them all, I will definitely be wearing them and adding these to my day to day wardrobe! They also have some really cute and dreamy summer pieces, so definitely check these out!

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