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Hey guys, I’ve had a very eventful week to say the least! If you haven’t got me on Instagram, I was playing a friendly game of tennis on Saturday 30th and dislocated my knee – got taken to hospital on my own! I must say the NHS and ambulance service were great, they kept me so calm whilst I was in lot of pain! It’s now Tuesday the 2nd June and I’ve just been to my fracture clinic appointment which was very positive, I should be up and about within 1 / 2 weeks providing I follow the excerise instructions – very relived! Lucky for me I have already planned and taken pictures for my Instagram! So I thought I would use this time to write some blog related posts, this one is a highly requested one from many people – I get messages about this all the time! Making a Professional Media Kit, it can be quite hard to make yours distinctive and unique, sometimes it’s hard to know what to include. I will also do another blog post ‘blogging for beginners’ in the meantime I offer a blogging zone on my Instagram, every other Monday which you can ask me any questions! Just to add I have already done this blog post before a few years ago – but I’ve learnt so much since, so I will be remaking and republishing this post!

So a media kit… where do you start? A media kit is basically a CV for you blog / business. It’s so important to make this stand and be as you as it can be, it’s your first impression when you send these to brands they will use this information to determine if suitable for their collaboration/campaign. For my own media kit I’ve made sure I have included as much information as I can, about me, my blog and my stats – it just saves the hassle of the brand or who you want to work with asking you loads of questions. I also think having a media kit makes you and your blog seem professional, like a business of your own. 

Media kits come in so many different forms, some can be one page long, some can be like a mini magazine – I suppose the more experience you have the more you can write and give examples of good work you have provided! I’m not going to show you my media kit, but I will show you some brief pages and talk you through what you should include! 

I will include a forum at the end which you can fill in to allow you free access to use my media kit templates.

My media kit is built up of 6 pages; a title page, ‘about my blog’ page’, what I offer page, ‘about me’ page, stat page and a contact page.

Title Page

This the simplest page by far however one of the most important pages. This is the first thing the person receiving this will see – for mine personally I used a selfie almost like putting ‘a name behind the blog’ if not a selfie, use one of your best photos’ something that defines you! My title page just includes, a large centred photo, my name of my business, my niche, the word ‘media kit’ and my website. I will post this below for you, you may not need a title page however, I like to spread out my work and give as much information as possible! Every single page includes my own creative imagery.


About My Blog

So this is the time to really sell your blog, show your worth and the effort you put in! I’ve put a lot of work into my media kit, which clearly shows I put effort in to all the work I do – this is what brands look towards finding! If you put a lot of effort into your blog, now is the time to show and tell them! I start by giving some background information/history to my blog, I explain what ‘Chelsey Ocean’ is all about. I also include my plans on where I’d like to take my blog, which is a full time job – in this part I do a little step by step walk through of my blog and each category I have.

You could maybe include, your favourite post, or your proudest achievement – using examples is a great reference for your blog! I have included, two pictures which again, are some of my best creative shots – these both feature on my blog.

What I Offer

This is where I outline what my blog offers and what my social media offers, I go through what types of sponsored and gifted content I offer. I haven’t gone into so much detail on prices as that’s something I like to negotiate when I’m talking to brands and it depends on what the brand is asking me to do! The general rule is normally 1% of your following for a post, for example mine following is 3600 rounded, which means I’d charge £36 per Instagram post – but a lot of brands ask for extras. Basically there’s a lot of factors to it to just give a bold stand alone charge.

In this section I cover some of the best brands I have worked with and what the collaboration basis was on. Examples of good feedback back brands have given me from previous collaborations. Social Media Content is included on this page as well, how I use my social media to promote my blog – again brands I have worked with on Instagram alone!

About Me

Instead of face behind the brand, this page is more like person behind the face. This page isn’t overly needed, you can normally tie this is in with ‘about my blog’ page. I always try to include this page, so the people I work with know all about me and what I stand for, especially behind the blog. If I’m wanting to build a relationship with a brand this is so important! I have highlighted on this page, my personal background to what led me to making my fashion blog! My age, my hobbies and where I live which is all background information include on my media kit.

Statistics and Demographics

This is a great page, a page you can just sell yourself and brag about greatest achievements! Scream about what you’re proud of and what you’ve achieved over a period of time, if you don’t – no one else will!

So to start with, your social statistics. On this page I have included the channels; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can add more, Bloglovin, 21 buttons are great to add! When I finally am able to get accepted for LIKEtoKNOW.it I will add this as well! Even my small followings, for example my Pinterest account I have 61 likes I have still included this. Every follow is an achievement, as that’s one more person you are influencing – this is the way I look at it.

Your average demographics is something very important to include on your media kit, it shows your engagement and views to your blog which brands are always looking for. The demographics I have included on my media is; Monthly page-views, blog followers and my DA score. Another fact I find interesting to include is where the traffic comes from, so my views come from a mix of majority UK, some USA and a few around the world!

Contact Page

This is very important to include, especially if you’ve previously worked with a brand – they have your details on how to contact you on record! It’s also easy to navigate to your social channels and blog. It’s entirely up to you how much personal contact information you wish to include. I have added a sentence or two as a conclusion to my media kit, almost as a Thank-you for reading! I have included my website url on the bottom of every single page. I will attach my contact page below.


So this is the ins and outs of creating your own media kit! I’ve heard a few people mention that media kits are a waste of time, which is based on opinion. They might not work for everyone and some people may find it hard to create one – but personally for me, this media kit has worked wonders and a lot of people enjoy reading it as I’ve been told. I will tend to update my media kit once every one – two weeks so I can refresh my stats and demographics. It’s super important to update your facts & figures every so often, I also tend to send out a refreshed copy of my media kit to PR’s and brands I religiously work with.

As a way of helping and giving back to you all. I will link a google forum below, on media kit templates you can receive for free. I will be offering a 6 page template media kit like mine, a 3 page and a single page media kit to what suits you best! Just let me know in the forum which one you desire! Anymore questions about media kits I would be happy to offer, please leave in the comments or message me anytime!

Google Forum 




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  1. Oh my goodness! So glad you’re starting to feel better! Such a great, informative post, as I just started researching all the basics included in a media kit.

  2. This is so insightful! I’m actually thinking of putting together a media kit soon as I’m nearing 1000 followers on Instagram! Thanks for the tips!

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